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I am thinking of buying a new Q3 when they come out . Wondering between 1.5 Litre Petrol Auto with FWD or 2.0 Litre Petrol Auto with Quattro . I know some people swear by Quattro but I must admit I am a bit sceptical and wonder if they would genuinely notice the difference 99 percent of the time . In my work I am driven around in a Skoda Octavia Scout with 4WD and have questioned a lot of the drivers . Majority have said they don't really notice its 4WD and none of them really convince me they have genuinely noticed a difference . Some say things like " It holds the road well going round corners but then admit that their own FWD car holds the road well going round corners and they dont really see any definate difference , The 2 Litre Quattro woll be significantly more expensive to purchase and running cost higher ie fuel tyres insurance etc . The extra power would be nice though , just not sure Quattro would be nescessary or even noticable 99 % of the time . Interested to hear from anyone especially with experience of both systems

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Have now ordered a FWD 1.5 TSFI Petrol Auto . Was impressed by test drive and as 2Litre Petrol was not due to come out for approx 6 months decided the 1.5 was enough for me and decided FWD would also be adequate for me .

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