It's not what I wanted but I'm happy! RS3

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I wanted the RS4 however here in Qatar, Audi don't offer the RS4 even as a special order. The Rs3 is only available in the sedan version, so no sport back either. Having a family and having to haul photography gear around regularly, the extra boot space and practicality of the sport back / RS4 would have been ideal. However I am still super happy with the RS3 sedan and below I want to explain why for me, it still is the perfect daily driver. 


For short or long commutes, inside the RS3 is a nice place to be. Supple leather seats provide good support and cushioning whilst the ergonomically designer alacantara wrapped flat bottom steering wheel feels great to the touch. An adjustable arm rest and excellent driving position makes really compliment the driver select comfort mode which reduces the exhaust note without loosing the cars character. The softer ride and lighter steering that comes with this mode, make long journeys a real pleasure.  


Although the sport back would have been perfect, the sedan RS3 offers a good amount of room. With the seats down I can get plenty of camera equipment in and although I wished the boot opening was taller, with a little more care I can maneuver my gear in without much trouble. Passengers have plenty of room and my two young kids who regularly frequent the back seats have no issues with longer journeys either. It is however a constant battle to stop them from swinging their legs and kicking the back of my lovely RS seats! The intergrated sat nav, reverse camera, parking sensors an outstanding turning circle all add to a very pleasurable experience. Quattro also gives me plenty of confidence in wet conditions.


For a 400hp car the RS3 is brilliantly economical. Granted a full tank costs an equivalent of only £30 in this part of the world, if driven conservatively, the RS3 can be both fun and relatively economical.  

Powerful & Exciting

The 5-cylinder, S-tronic, Quattro trinity is a match made in heaven. The way the RS3 transforms when under load, particularly when in dynamic mode, really showcases it's Jeckle and Hyde character. Launch control and shift lights provide endless smiles and the power delivery is both predictable and easy to control. The factory sports exhaust is just right and the torque rush is addictive.


I've not had the car long enough to comment on this. My 2017 model hasn't missed a beat yet and I'm hoping this continues.


It's a lovely car in my opinion. And although I hated the stock wheels initially, they've slowly grown on me. I still prefer the RS4 look and even the RS3 sportback, however the sedan still has an imposing front end and the fat rear diffuser and oval tail pipes look pretty special. Nardo grey with the black optics pack is a lovely combination also.

Overall I'm super happy with my RS3. Yes I prefer the look of the RS4 and the sport-back and yes I would have preferred the bigger boot of the estate. However with all that aside, the RS3 for me, is still  a brilliant daily driver. Brilliant for someone who wants exhilarating power without compromising on comfort and practicality. Granted the RS3 may not be as engaging to drive as some of my previous cars (Focus RS, Evo 8, Spec C sti) however as a daily driver and at this stage of my life, I can't think of a better car (other than the RS4 lol).





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Glad you're pleased with your rs3 Ferhan, sorry you couldn't get an rs4 though. Why are they not sold in your country? 



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