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A6 Avant 50 TDI Quattro sluggish at times

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I've had chance to have a proper drive now. Substantially better. It now drives like an Audi! 

Good on the ta, if you get stuck. Give me a ring

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Hi all, 

Thanks for this great thread.  My A7 50 TDI (2020) has the same issue upon "Pulling away / acceleration characteristics".

I've tried to contact to Dealer in South Korea where I live in, and got confirmation that they cannot find out the software update with TPI, since TPI number could be different among countries. However, they can help me to solve the issue, if I provide them the corresponding SVM code.

I am sure I am the first man who try to solve this issue in South Korea, and would like to get a SVM code if you can help me to figure out it. 

I've tried with following information, but all information were not in their system.

TPI: TPI 2053287/11

TPI: 2060454/1 (released in Aug 2020; I've got this from another similar thread)

Software number: 4K0907401K (v03)

Software update: 23CK


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