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As title suggests, I have a private reg for sale.  Plate reads S3 UGR.

Open to offers.


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Hello David,

I agree with Tobias - but no doubt you have that in hand/have already registered with some of these agencies. 

For what it is worth, my experience is that the agencies quote you optimistic ‘return to you figures’ with entice you to register with them. Once registered, they will suggest you pay for advertising in specialist publications etc. 

I would suggest you set reasonable expectations on what you will be prepared to accept for this number, and this should be based on the (small) percentage of owners which cover the likely market for it. 

Personally, I would also be advertising it on this forum - under For Sale-  but including your asking price rather than leaving it open ended with ‘open to offers’.

Good luck with its sale.

Kind regards,


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