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Brake pad light is on, so it’s time to get them changed. Car is a 2015 facelift A6 S line 2.0 front wheel drive. 

Looking to buy some OE parts but not too sure who makes them, on other forums I came across TRW and ATE, can anyone shed some light on this?


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Hello Zee, 

The fact that the brake pad light has come on, is not good news in terms of the car’s maintenance history. Most main dealers or independents will normally advise pad renewal at the time of service, if they believe the limit will be reached before they next service the car. 

Anyway, yours need renewing, and I notice you are seeking advice on alternative ‘OE’ pads. The question I need to ask is why not use genuine Audi replacement ones? Would I be far out if I guessed the words ‘want cheaper ones’? If so Zee, then I would question your long term logic, by wishing to do a cheaper fix. Why risk alternatives? 

Story:- Our humble A3 had it’s first set of replacement pads of aftermarket OE ones. Within weeks of bedding these in, it was obvious that the brakes were nowhere as sharp as they were, and we decided to throw these away, and to revert to genuine VAG ones. Braking efficiency returned to normal. Now at 160K, this car has never had anything other than VAG brake pads, and the brakes still impress. Lesson learned as far was we are concerned. 

Audi pads at discount? You could try Audi Parts Direct at Cardiff ( part of Cardiff Audi/ Mon Motors) - no personal connection, or you could try TPS. 

Kind regards,


Are you going to replace the discs? If the price of Audi discs frightens you, you could try Brembo. 

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