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New Tyres for Audi Q5


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Good Morning,

My 2013 TFSI Quattro Q5 is due new tyres.

The current tyres are Bridgestone, 235/60R18/103 W with "AO" stamped on them.

The vehicle was my former company car - so I didn't have responsibility for tyres!

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Kind Regards





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Is this needing 2 tyres? 4 tyres etc? With quattro it's vital the tyres are changed in pairs on the same axle and ideally kept the same on all.four wheels do to the sensitivity of the Quattro system. As miss matched tyres or uneven wear can damage the quattro system. 

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If you check the tyres that you have (probably Dueller or Blizzak? ) and price them up, including checking their noise rating, efficiency and braking efficiency - the same tyre can be sold at various prices depending on these grades. 

Then look at Goodyear Eagle F1, Michelin cross climate or pilot and Pirelli Scorpion Verde. 

You'll have a good idea on suitable premium tyres. 

Kwik fit and black circles are both good starting points. 

You can then decide if you want to trim your budget and look at lower cost options *

As Steve has said you should change in pairs or all 4 - most suppliers will give you a discount for 4.


*different tyres can cause different sorts of road noise so often it ends up safer to get what you know. 

Having said all that - I currently have Falkens - same size as yours - that were fitted prior to me buying my 2018 Q5 and so far they have performed well on the noise and braking front 👍 

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I have Vredestein Quatrac Pro all season tyres on my Q5 Vorsprung and am very pleased with the handling, comfort and noise levels.

They are particularly good in the wet but as yet I cannot comment on snow grip.

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