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Rounded head wheel studs

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Been removing front wheels for brake pad replacement on my Q5 using standard 17mm socket. Studs are ridiculously tight, assume air gunned previously. Using a 1/2 inch knuckle bar with extension tube. One side came off OK but have  part rounded two studs on the other wheel. Tried a tighter  21/32" socket on a non damaged stud and it  split with the force required (Britool original so not cheap tat). I'm not sure how best to proceed now so any advice welcome.

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You could always call the aa or similar breakdown company to help try to get the wheel off? 

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Hello Kevin,

I would suggest you take the car to you local trusted tyre retailer and get them to remove the nuts. If they have been put on with an impact gun on full torque then you are going to need an unreasonable amount of non impact leverage to remove them. The tyre caps are also likely to have the special sockets to remove rounded nuts. 

I would be arming myself with a new set of wheel nuts/studs beforehand, and then ensuring they are torqued to the correct torque. 

It might just be my experience, but many tyre bays put the nuts on with an impact gun, then carefully get the torque wrench out to make sure it clicks! Goodness knows what they are actually torqued to.

Kind regards,


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