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Mmi update


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I'm looking at possibly updating my firmware and sat nav in my 2011 a6 avant. I understand that the sat nav will obviously update to a newer version but will updating the firmware change anything? By this I mean the screen  looks very dated and I was wandering if this will look different and wether it will give me newer options than the one currently installed? Thanks 

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Thanks for your reply on this. Im not sure i would gain anything by updating then as I dont use the sat nav and looking into it it wouldn't give me any more than I already have. It just looks a bit dated so was hoping to update and get a better looking screen. Thanks again 

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I'm trying to do the same.

i paid and downloaded from upgrademyaudi and followed the instructions.

i copied over to the sd card fat32 formatted and it would not read.

I got the lastest form HN+R and would still not read.

does the firmware need to run first and then maps.


i'm also very cautious as i dont want to brick the unit.


has anyone used the builds and guides from upgrademyaudi, if so some assistance and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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