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A4 part/repair bill

Phil jessop

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i took my avant 2.0  tfsi 2016 into audi in ayleford maidstone kent on the 24th august which was booked in 4 weeks previous as i needed a loan car, this was in for a water loss check & a starter motor problem the garage contacted me at a later dare to say that it needed a new starter motor & the water leak was coming from the thermostat housing & a new water pump was needed i also wanted a service done as this was due now, they still have the car after 3 weeks & told me 3 days ago they have just got the new parts in & will let me know when all is completed, the total cost is £2.270, this seems crazy, 

they originally told me as the water leak was spotted when the car was last serviced 12 months ago but back then i found no loss of water, no topping up was needed the car then was still on an extended warranty but the service person did not mention this to me, the garage person who im dealing with now said that because the fault was mentioned to me the audi garage will help with the bill & my bill will be minimal, i have now had an update few days ago that they will not now help with the bill as the car has been remapped, im at a loose end now & any help from you guys is much appreciated.



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Hello Philip,

Sorry to hear of your issue. In theory, the warranty might hold, but in reality, they have the upper hand, since the car has been modified - although the mapping is unlikely to have had any bearing over these issues.

Of course, you could get assistance in arguing the case, but will you win??

If it were mine, I would be having the car back from them as quickly as possible, and getting the work done at a trusted local garage. 
Kind regards,


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crist   dear as  fecccc

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