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New car delivery delays


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Apologies if this is old news but I couldn't find anything on the forums about it.

I ordered my new Audi mid May and delivery was meant to be September. Since then I've received no updates from the garage nor Audi (apparently all affected customers were meant to have received an update from Audi direct), so I enquired. Its not definite (yet), but it looks like the build of my car may not have even started yet. So, if the build was to start now, and extrapolating the 4 months forward I guess I might not get the car until late January? Audi are vague and unable to say why, and have apparently shut down their information system the garage would normally access, so I don't know if its Brexit, Covid or the fire at the micro-processor plant, or what. My garage says Audi have stopped building any cars that haven't been sold and an update is promised in 2-3 weeks. Anyone got anything to add?


This found on their website: 

"Update on delivery times

Like many other manufacturers and other sectors of industry, we are experiencing some supply chain issues and a few of our components are in short supply, in particular those relating to semi-conductors, which have reduced our production capacity. This means delivery times for some of our model lines are a little longer than we would normally expect. Please be assured we are working hard to deliver your chosen vehicle as quickly as possible and your local Audi Centre will keep you up to date with what’s happening. We also have cars readily available now from stock – just give your local Audi Centre a call and we can help you identify a perfect match."

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There's a worldwide chip shortage due to production capacity issues. 

If even one $2 chip is not available, car manufacturers can't finish their $30000 cars. 

They need automotive approved chips so they can't just buy any old chip. 

This is all well documented and Audi won't give any commitments until they have guaranteed delivery of the chips. 

I'd be surprised if this wasn't mentioned when you purchased the vehicle. 

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Hello John,

As Richard says, it’s been pretty well documented, and it’s unlikely that the dealership would have involved you in downside the potential for additional delays when they took your order - they just want your order! 
I would be interested in the guarantee in respect to actual price you will be expected to pay at the point of the (delayed) delivery. Also, if your current car is going in part exchange, was the value agreed (and future guaranteed) at the point of order? 
Kind regards,



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Write to their support or call the Audi office directly because the assembly of your car is delayed. And by the way, I did not want to buy a car from the salon because of similar stories where the company is trying to deceive you and delay assembling and sending the vehicle as long as possible. So I thought that if I wanted to buy a good car, I should contact the vehicle shipping service, right? Has anyone here had any experience in cooperation with shipping services? Does it make sense to order a car from them, or is it too risky?

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