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Bonnet Clip issue

Yvonne Mc

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Hello Yvonne,

Many thanks for being in touch with the forum, and sorry to hear of your issue. 
I’m not sure I’m getting the exact detail from the photo, but to me, it looks as if your bonnet retaining ‘hook’ is now only held on by one fastener. If so, personally, I would not be happy driving this car, since you don’t know how sound the remaining fastener actually is - and you know it’s counterpart has already sheared off! 

If this were mine, I would be getting this attended to without delay, before the remaining fastener decides to give up, and leave you with the frightening situation of the bonnet flying open against the windscreen. 
Apologies if this appears alarmist, but I think it’s only right and fair to advise you to treat this with the respect it deserves. 

Suggested way forward:- buy two new fasteners from your local Audi dealer, and get someone to apply a liberal dosing of penetrating oil around the remaining fastener, leave for a while, and then carefully attempt to unscrew it. 
As Rob suggests, you will then have to drill out the remains of the thread on the broken one - but only after (whoever is going to do it) has inserted a substantial plate (if possible) between the inner and outer skins of the bonnet. Failure to do that is likely to result in the drill going straight through the outer skin!!  You have a hole in the outer skin of your bonnet. 
The chosen drill size will have to be the correct diameter to allow the new fastener thread to be cut into the drilled hole.

Obviously a job for a careful engineering shop. 
Kind regards,


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44 minutes ago, Yvonne Mc said:

I took it to an accident repair centre and they found it was a bonnet spring (can’t remember the technical name)  that needed replaced as it was this that caused the bolt to snap. 

Glad you got it sorted - probably the spring in the catch that had seized?

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