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2021 Q5 sportback - only one key fob


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Hello everyone.  I took delivery of a Q5 sportback in November and only received one key fob.  I was never at any stage of the purchase process informed I would only receive one key fob.  I fully appreciate there is a chip shortage or whatever.  However, I am moving home in a few weeks to an apartment in a high rise building with basement parking which is a "valet" system (i.e. you call them when you need your car, they get it from the stacker and move it to a holding bay, when you return you park in the holding bay and they then return it to the stacker).  This requires 2 keys and is compulsory.  I literally can't use my car park unless I have another key fob.

I have tried explaining this to the dealership and I was told "computer says no" and nothing they can do and that I'll get the second key at some unspecified future date once the supply issues are sorted out.  Is this really the case?  Is there any way I can escalate this?  I am so disappointed and would never have purchased the car if I knew about this issue. I wouldn't be so fussed if I didn't actually need the key in order to be able to park in my own home!

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I had the same issue here in Ontario.  Nothing said until delivery, and that was back in October.  I have complained to Audi Canada but they are only a call center and could not offer any help.  If you get Audi to cough up a second key please post so the rest of us can try!

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