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Suspension failure


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Have a 2018 A 6 with 50000 miles on the clock. Had a spring fail on the front drivers side  which on any other car is no biggy, however not in this car. The spring is tapered at both ends and the spring holder does not catch the spring when it breaks, as it does with any other car, resulting in a total collapse of the suspension. Luckily I was only doing about 40 mph when this happened. With a different set of circumstances I dread to think what might of happened. 
I reported this to Audi Uk as a safety issue and as the car was out of warrant they where not interested. 

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Hello Robert,

Spring failure is now almost a fact of life, since coils have thinner cross sections, less coils and more tension - something has to give, sooner than it used it when engineering was not controlled by marketing. 
Take it you are renewing both sides-? 
Kind regards,


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Yes both sides I wouldn’t want that to happen again , as you can see from the pic the spring is a lot narrower at the top which is the same on the bottom where it broke resulting in the total collapse of the suspension. 6CA6118C-7A0A-4E68-91D8-257463ABD257.thumb.jpeg.3fa6203f761de96baa959e42d763d7e2.jpeg

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