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Hi All,

Hope to get some advice about fixing the fuel feed from one side of my quattro’s saddle tank to the other.

The car used to do about 360 on a good run then I broke down with no fuel after 300 but the gauge showing just under a 1/4 and 100 miles to go on the trip computer.

This has now happened again at 275 miles. The AA put a 10 litre Jerry can in the tank and it went from running out of petrol to 1/2 full on the gauge.

Im fairly confident the issue is accessing the far side saddle tank so it’s got fuel but it’s not being brought over to the main fuel pump.

Has anyone taken out and replaced the feed pipes between the passenger side syphon pump and the main electric pump?

If you take both out can you just replace the hoses between the two?

The car is 19 yrs old and has been fantastic, I want to keep it going but the family are loosing faith and I don’t want to have to refuel every 200 miles, particularly as motorway fuel prices are a total rip off.

Any suggestions/advice would be great!

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Thanks for the suggestion Steve but I think the pump is fine as the car runs perfectly until it runs out of fuel at 275 miles (last time). The AA put in 10 litres and it went from run out but showing 1/4 tank on the gauge to half full. I’m fairly convinced the far side lower section of the saddle tank is inaccessible so has fuel in it but the main pump can’t access it. I might have to open the tank access panels and have a look. It seems no one on the forum has tackled this before. Shame, I was hoping an experienced hand would give me a blow by blow account of how to sort it.

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