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Water Pump failure (2018 C7 Avant)


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I've had my 2018 C7 1.8t Avant in for it's service recently (mid Oct) and 2 weeks ago it developed an engine fault which has been diagnosed as a faulty water pump in the coolant system.

This seems strange for a premium car which is just over 4 years old and only has 33k miles on the clock.

Does anyone have any experiences of this? I found the following class suit has been lodged in the US for exactly the issue I'm seeing:


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Hello Dougie,

Many thanks for bringing this to the forum’s attention. 
When you say the car developed an engine fault, what sort of fault was it?
Did it overheat for example? 
Have you paid for replacing the water pump, and any consequential issues? 
If so, I would be writing to Audi U.K.,enclosing copy, and requesting an 80% ( since your car is over 4 years old) reimbursement of your bill. 
Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. 
Kind regards,


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It was an engine management warning light which when plugged into the diagnostic system gave an coolant system error.  The engine temp was running hot and the fans were working a lot harder than normal.

I've had part of the pump switch replaced, but that didn't resolve the issue, so it's going back in for a full pump replacement (total cost around £800). Not exactly ecstatic about having to get out replace on such a low mileage Audi, so will definitely try contacting Audi direct as the dealership wasn't entertaining taking any of the hit for it. 

Have folk had success taking this route before?

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It's not been driven far enough to overheat much over normal (90° on the thermostat). Only really been driving it to take it to the garage and back since the warning light came on... 🙄

Thanks for your advice and will keep you posted with the outcome

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