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2021 Audi A3 loose steering

Audi Macao

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Hi all. 

When I first received my new A3 sport back 35 TFSI s-line, my favourite aspect of the car was the handling. The steering accuracy and feel was awesome in any of the driver select modes. I used to keep it in comfort mode most of the time. Macao is a small place and not much space for dynamic driving. 

1.5 years later and with only 5000km I’ve noticed a reduction in the feel of the steering. I could swear that I have to turn the wheel more than I used to, and the grip in the corners has lost my confidence. 

Tyre pressure normal. 5000km check with Audi came back with steering report normal. Took it back again, test driver said maybe a bit looser than before, but this is “normal because the car learns the way you drive and changes the sensitivity over time”??? Is this true? In which case, is it possible to reset the drive select factory settings. Because sadly now, the best aspect of the car is now the worst. 

Any similar cases of steering becoming loose and less accurate with the need to turn the wheel more?


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