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Audi coupe starting issues


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Hi all,  I’ve got a starting issue with a 1994 Audi coupe , 16v 2litre with a k- jet furling system (I believe) on a ACE coded engine.

I have carried out various checks, cleaned the filter - clean anyway - fuels coming through..

the last item checked was the metering unit - cracked each inlet pipe individually to the main injectors but no fuel coming out. The 5th inlet pipe - cold start injector  I’ve been told, and fuel comes out easily.. 

any ideas??  I’m looking at getting the metering unit pressure tested, but could it be anything else??


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Hi it sounds to me initially like your metreing head unit is the problem if fuels not getting through. Are you getting a spark? Has the car been stood for a long period of time? Is the fuel pump priming? 

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