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NSR window & blind, knocking from suspension, front camera


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Hi, I have just bought a 2013 D4 A8L, 66k miles, lovely car.

I have a few minor issues I was hoping you could help give advice on.

The NSR window and blind don't respond to any of the switches.
The switch on the NSR door does operate the OSR door window and blind so presume the switch is okay and power is there.

There is a fair bit of clunking from the suspension when on potholed roads, is this normal or could the bushes be worn?

The font tyres are waring much more on the outside edges, is the normal or should I have the tracking checked (I had an E class and they ware badly on the edge)


Ive had it checked on a computer and the windowed blind will open from the computer but not from the car so the movers are good, the front camera is showing power to the camera.

Has anyone had the same issues?, if so how did you resolve it?



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I'd hazard a guess the suspension and tyres are connected. I'd suspect worn suspension arms/bushes. So get these checked and tracking checked. 

I'd recommend getting an auto electrican to check the wiring to the window and blind. 

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