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who would you suggest for a car insurance quote

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hi all,my car insurance is due soon but it has gone up £70 this year due to a few factors and ukraine and parts were 2 of a few.there is no change in my policy.should i be thankfull.. i have tried a few comparison sites,but qoutes are coming in up to £150-300 more.i know there are a lot of factors to take into account but is this the norm now.thanks all.

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Hello Stephen,

I was in a similar situation with our non-Audi less than a couple of months ago, where not only had the premium hiked, but without bringing it to my attention, their had also increased the compulsory excess - so beware and check! As with yourself, my circumstances hadn’t changed. They (a certain two-letter company) did reduce it a bit via. phone query, but it was still not competitive enough. I eventually took out a policy with Darwin - a subsidiary of Churchill at a more competitive rate, but quite a bit more than I had paid last year. I too had found that comparison site rates had certainly gone up since last year. 

Having said all that the premium on the Audi had only increased slightly, and indeed very little in the end - following a phone call. 

Of course, you have Adrian Flux on here who appear to have discounts for forum members. In my experience, ‘Discounts’ are only meaningful where the ‘original’ price is itself competitive, but could be worth a try. 
Kind regards,


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thanks gareth and steve all sorted now. just had an offer from the AA.i rang them and went through the policy and by reducing my annual mileage by 1 mile this then reduced my policy by £12.(from 9000 to 8,999.i asked if they had an offer with home start.they said no... the only offer they had with the car insurance policy was breakdown cover if your a quarter of a mile for home £19.50 a year or for £38.00 a year national recovery.excess is £150 so total £250....so my policy cost £349 thats because i am paying for it monthly otherwise £320 with 9 years no claims....interestingly 1 company valued my car at £6500 but my premium was coming in at around £550....AA have valued it at around £3500...had more quotes but excess higher.i feel there is not the competative quotes like there has been in the past. i tried darwin gareth but when i went to retrieve a quote its coming up with a blank page....did you mean miles ahead car insurance steve... it seems to be on facebook i tried their link but it says server not found

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