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water ingress in the boot (take 25) lol

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As you all know with an Audi A4 b8 you have the parcel shelf then below that the base cover for the boot,then the spare wheel underneath that,then the plastic cover that goes over the battery.The question i am asking is, how come i have water on top of the battery everywhere else is dry...ie parcel shelf,boot cover,wheel,battery cover(both sides).i can only think that warm and cold air is the cause.any ideas appreciated as always.thanks stephen








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hi steve Q thanks for your reply.yes very strange this has been doing this for sometime now.i haven't had any problems with the battery since buying the car.just been to check the battery now, but dry at the moment.I will wait until it rains or keep checking the battery every 2 days whichever comes first.i have some spare jeans material so i will take a sample with that and go from there thanks for now steve Q regards stephen



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update.....had plenty of rain recently.checked the battery and elswhere in the boot and still dry.👍i will keep an eye on it and update again at some point.thanks all

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update.....1st may, battery still dry.😁i wont mark it as a solution as it may come back and bite me.😉 ...update 5th may been chucking it down overnight and this morning. no water on top of the battery or down the sides at all so marked as solution...here is a picture(2) of where one of 2 air vents are in the boot recess.i sealed round the edges.(had to take the bumper off to do them)at least no water gets in cubby holes now where i store the first aid kit etc or anywhere else in the boot.so marked as solution as unsure whats what



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