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how do I maintain my soft top on the A5 cabriolet


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I am now the proud owner of a 2012 A5 S Line 2.0 Quattro cabriolet. Is there anything special I need to do to maintain the soft top and keep it rainproof and watertight please, I previously had a Volvo C70 with a steel cabriolet roof so just had to keep the seals greased?

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Hello Vic,

There are specialist kits, but I’ve always used Fabsil on my non-Audis. 
However, if the hood is dirty or faded then do not use Fabsil until it is clean and re-coloured. I think it’s Renovo who do the colouring kit, and probably the Fabsil equivalent. 
When applying Fabsil or similar ( and indeed dye) always start at one edge, above the door, and work towards the middle, then nip around the other side and continue from the middle to the opposite side. This minimises the risk of an inevitable tide mark if you start in the middle and work out to the edges. 
Kind regards,


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