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I’ve recently changed my car for a 2023 A6. I have had several A6’s in the past and never had this issue before. 

When it rains (or has been raining) and I get into the car and close the door a load of rain water falls in on top of my arm/ leg (destroyed) and also falls on the electric switches on the door. 

Has anyone experienced this before? 

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Not heard of any other cases. As it's a new car I'd recommend for you to get it checked by Audi.  As it could be a faulty seal or nis-aligned door. 

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Only if the window is open or when opening the door I’ve parked on a slope and on opening the door the water pools at the edges.

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On 9/19/2023 at 5:36 PM, jammy said:

Can’t say I’ve had that.

Now water falling in the boot when it’s opened after rainfall…

My 2021 S6 Avant collects water in the tailgate and then has a waterfall each side the boot is opened. I am not sure if the roof spoiler fills or if it is the small blades either side.

Basically it is more !Removed! design on a car that is a big pile of !Removed!, all the journos who reviewed the car and said it is wonderful should hand their cards in.

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