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New Audi owner (Belgium) with MMI problems and such.


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Hi guys, 

So I'm pretty new at this, cause it's my first audi I ever had. Super happy about everything, also the performance and so on. 
Might have to mention that I'm the second owner (Car has 7400km and is from 05.21). 

When I bought the car from a car dealer, I never receiver the activation code that normaly comes with the car keys when bought new. 
Found a nice audi garage that fixed the activation over the phone so I'm the key user now of the car. All good and well. 
Problem now is that I have no navigation, I don't see the "phone apps" icon and can't connect to Apple Carplay. Looked a dozen of youtube videos. Nothing goes. 
At the garage, when calling, they said if you don't see "Phone Apps" on the big monitor, it doesn't come with Apple Carplay. Something I find a bit strange, cause from what I've read, all new audi models even the A3 should have that standard.
I can listen to DAB radio, I can look at the news and weather app. But again, the navigation doesn't work. It says I didn't purchase it. 

So now, what I find strange is that, when I look on MyAudi app, there stands that I have navigation and connect plus activated till 05.24. 
When I look under the tab, special features, there stands also that I have Apple Carplay. 

The garage also said I should wait 24h, some websites say I should restart a few times, but it's now over 48h, I restarted the car probably 20 times by now. Still nothing. 
I'm online, I have 3GB (I guess per month) so I'm for sure online with the car, but much of the features I should have don't work. 

I'll put some picture to show what I mean.

Also something what I wanted to mention is for example that I can't open or close the car with the app. It says that my car is not available. 

Thanks in advance. 






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Yeah, the biggest problem is of course that I didn't buy the car at a Audi dealer. So they feel kinda annoyed by me asking the question. 
Therefor I tried to ask if somebody here had similar issues 🙂 

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