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A5 3.0 S/Line TDI gearbox problem?


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I have a problem with my gearbox I think. When in stationary/slow traffic or approaching junction/traffic lights car always feels as if it wants to race forward.Few times I've experienced a violent jerk as if i have been hit from behind and also the idle seems to be hunting(Slight increase and decrease ) . It has stalled few times at junctions as well. Anybody has similar problems and what to do to help fix the problem. Thanks in advance.

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Just joined the club and this is the first post I have seen.  Have a very similar problem especially when the car is cold, feels just like a someone behind has given a good nudge.  Have had the stalling problem just once.  Car is A5 Quatrro 3.0 TD with 7 speed S-Tronic gearbox, with high 121k miles.

Also interested in others experiences, and any recommendations for Auto gearbox specialists in Sussex/Surrey area as I'd like to get this checked.

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I have a 2013 3.0 TDI A5 coupe and not had any of the above problems but I read somewhere the problems were ironed out with the facelift versions.

I would take it to an Audi dealership to have it checked out as it is obviously a recognised problem.

As a footnote Scotty13 I see you are in Caithness, my old hometown is Wick.

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Cheers for the comments lads. Yeah there are a few different messages about this problem. Maybe have to take it to Audi and cost me a fortune.lol

AudiOddie... A dirty Wicker? lol Yeah from Scrabster myself.


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2 hours ago, Patrick nicell said:

I also have this problem has anyone got to the source of the problem and how was it rectified 

When was the oil last changed in.the gearbox? I'd do a oil change first to see if that helps.



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