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  1. It looks as though I would only require the door wiring diagrams. I can get my 12v from the fuse board.
  2. Thanks Steve, Wiring I understand. I'll have to have a look around for a wiring diagram. Do you think this would throw any errors ?
  3. I'e always done my own car maintainance, but gone are the days when all you had to do to get a car going was to adjust the points and change the plugs. Canbus systems baffle me. I was just looking at this mirror folding thingy and wondering if I could tackle it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174314357676
  4. The worst part was removing the mirrors, at £240 each I was clenching my cheeks. Hahaha.
  5. I fitted sequential winkicators to my door mirrors this arvo. They are much, much brighter than the standard ones. I would recommend this mod.
  6. Well, got them fitted and NO ERROR LIGHTS. woo woo.
  7. I'm going to fit them. I just went on a run to my sons house (8 miles) there. He said that he did a dash reset. When I started up to come home the bulb out lights came back on.
  8. I only do things on the green menue when I have step by step instructions. Like fixing the clock ...... fixed clock settings problem on audi mmi 3G to do in hidden menu 1.check clock"on car/cardevicelist 2.uncheck clock on car/carprotocollswitch 3.set clock on 7 in car/carmenuoperation
  9. Every time I have used VCDS some thing has gone wrong. I know it's not the VCDS, it's me, I am useless with things like that, I can't even use a mobile phone. Anyway, The reason that the dates were showing up as old faults was because my MMI clock had disappeared long ago and was showing on the speedo dash as Date year 2010. Because the clock was missing on the MMI I was unable to reset the date. I found out how to get the MMI clock back using the hidden green screen, so all is ok now.
  10. Well, I purchased the above LEDs and wires. Last weekend my son borrowed the firms diagnostic thingy, he reset my SRI, (that Audi said they couldn't reset after doing a service) and went through every thing else. I realized that the lights out warning for the fog lights was no longer coming on. Just to satisfy myself that it was still working, I disconnected the left foglight and to my delight the left fog light warning came on. BRILIANT. I now have two sets of LEDs and resistor cables that are not required.
  11. I'll let you know how it goes. I should have said H11 not H4.
  12. I'm going to give these a try.
  13. I have been having sleepless nights thinking about the garage bill just to remove/replace the EGR if required. My son came round this morning and together fixed my brake issue. He borrowed the companies scanning tool and went through the whole car, the only engine code was P0672 2nd cylinder glow plug. He also showed me where my EGR/cooler was. It's on top of the engine and easy to get to, so if ever it needs doing shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. I'll sleep sound tonight.
  14. I have replaced my H4 fog light bulbs with white LEDs, and of course I get an error on the dash. Has any one successfully done this with no errors ? Please, I'm useless at maths
  15. DPF's ok, I've cleaned that a few times.
  16. Delete old codes and new scan is my first job after bleeding brakes, cant get into the car at the moment, the jacks are in the way of opening the doors. My new Sealey pressure bleeder arrived today, it's got to go back because it won't hold any pressure. I hope they don't say there has been brake fluid in it, how else would I find out it don't pressurize ?
  17. You think something as a dirty glow plug could cause it to go into limp mode ? I thought fuel additives were to keep the injectors clean.
  18. Thanks Stevey. You are correct about no milage. In lockdown, it didn't come out of the garage for 14 months and now it's back out only goes to the Asda once a week, unless I have a hospital appointment. Haha. The battery is on charge 24/7.
  19. I was having door locking / unlocking problems befor I changed the battery, it's ok now.
  20. I haven't done anything else yet. The car is hoisted up with no wheels on at the moment. The pressure bleeder won't hold pressure so have ordered another, be here tomorrow.
  21. When the glow plug light came on yesterday, it went into limp mode. The car has only done 42,000 miles.
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