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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have just had the head gasket done on my a6 c7 and when I started driving it again I noticed that when you floor the accelerator it drops to fourth gear and the revs will go to about 4000rpm before shifting which it never done before, in manual mode it shifts no problem, the battery was disconnected for around a week also, will it just take time for the car to relearn the shift pattern or is this another problem?
  2. Hi peeps So I have a nasty coolant leak on a piece of the steel coolant line. I've searched endlessly for this part with no joy. It runs down the side of the engine behind the oil filter casing (passenger side) and what looks like a push fit into the engine. Also attached with a bolt behind oil filter casing which Is impossible to get to. Any help appreciated 🙏
  3. Audi a4 2.0tdi140 S-line £2200 155k miles but will rise as in daily use. All motorway miles and used regularly to drive abroad. Regularly serviced every 6 months or so. The car has some age related marks. Just had a new set of front wings fitted. Some modifications include: • Remap to around 185bph and 410nm with hardcut limiter • Adjustable coilovers all round • Full straight through exhaust system with decat • With a Honda S2000 Air filter. •Interior is in mint condition throughout with the Rare satnav option, Dual zone climate control, Sports seats Car is listed as at cat N due to an engine bay electrical fire cause by a damaged wire, however it was fully repaired by a professional auto electrician with all new parts ect with proof! Could benefit from a new battery as it goes dead if sat for a while, last time it died completely it caused a check engine light to come on, probably just needs light reset as its driven fine ever since.
  4. Hi, The EGR valve on my Audi A4 B7 2.0TDI has broken, the Butterly valve has bust. I am unsure of the best replacement, I bought a cheaper one and I am getting no power over 2,000rpm, garage said its due to it being a cheap one letting in too much exhaust fumes. Has anyone had this problem, what brand did they go for? the one I removed is 'Volt' but I can't find it online anywhere. Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi, just got myself a Audi a6 2008 2.0 diesel semi-auto s-line after driving for a week it suddenly stopped and when in drive mode or reverse its not pulling at all, its making grinding noise when pressing down on accelerator when in gear , had bit of smoke coming from the front left side when tried revving it to see if it moves but no luck, hd computer connected and lots of issues/codes to do with gear box sensors etc came up. Was told it might be that it need gearbox fluid topping up or servicing the gearbox, anyone had similar issue? https://imgur.com/a/EwcCDs5
  6. Hi. I have recently purchased an A3 2.0tdi and am having juddering when accelerating but only in the top 3 gears and about 2k rpm. It only judders til I get to about 2200 rpm and then is fine til the next gear!? As I get a bit of white smoke on start up I am leaning towards the dpf, does it have one first and foremost? Any fingers pointing in the right direction will be appreciated! Also a note worth mentioning, it does have a stainless system with decat. Thanks.
  7. Hello Recently I changed turbo, on my a3 PD170, as the old one was gone, and when i put it all together, oil feed line started to leak on this turbo. it is leaking from the connection with feed line and turbo. So i want to change this bolt which is connecting oil line and turbo with new one, but I cant find it anywhere on internet (ebay, dark side etc). Not sure, what is the correct name of this bolt, but i found out that it is Turbo oil feed restrictor banjo bolt. I found out that other turbos they using normal thread bolts, but on this PD170 it is bolt with revers thread. Please help me to find where to buy one of them or atleast what is SKU number or should i go to dealer and ask them for it? Thank you for help
  8. Hi guys, new to the forum but would like to pick your brains. Got a tuning box for my 2007 a4 2.0tdi 140 b7. Now im almost certain its a PD engine, but i cant for the life in me find where to connect the plug from the box. I know many dont like the boxs but im trialling it before i look into a remap. If anyone has put a tuning box onto their car id be grateful for your advice. Ive attached a picture of the engine. Cheers
  9. I've seen a few of these topics already, but I'm creating this one regardless. I bought an Audi A3 2.0TDI in Automatic from the year 2004. The problem that I am experiencing is when I fully stop the car and attempt to pull off, the car starts to roll because I released the brake, but the gas pedal has a delay of four seconds before coming up with revs. If I don't stop the car, everything works fine. If I am on a straight road, I can gently press the pedal and the car gets there. But when I approach a roundabout or when I need to pull off quickly - there is a four second delay and the car does not rev at all during this delay. The gas pedal was already replaced along with the sensor, the computer was scanned for errors and none were found. The only thing that I can come up with is to go to Audi for a diagnosis. Do you have any other ideas?
  10. Ok, so, justbti clarify I'm new with all this car talk and stuff so if I don't quite understand a reply, I apologise, I've recently bought a 2010, Audi A3 s line. im basically wondering what i can do to my car to make it sound great? I've read a few posts regarding a BOV and it seems a 007p and a split r are quite a common purchase? Which one would be best for me to get the nicest sound (the whoosh when letting off the pedal) I can without affecting performance or buggering my turbo up all together?
  11. hey all. i've owned the car for about a year and do enjoy it immensely, although i am sometimes frustrated by a lack of power, but this should change with a remap coming soon (see below). I love the build quality of the audi, my ex had a bmw and i thought that was a well made car until i bought this! despite my gripes at the lack of power (mainly brought on by owning faster cars and my mates having scoobies) the car is quick, i always like to remind my mates that from A to B, especially around where I live in the Scottish Borders it's just as quick as their jap beasts, and immensely more comfortable! The main reason I went 2 grand over my budget and bought this car was that it was a quattro and I love how planted the car feels in both the dry and wet! that being said the body roll at speed can be too much sometimes. The only negative I can say with the quattro is the real-life MPG figures aren't impressive. I do have a heavy right foot from time to time but on a 6 month average of everyday driving (social and domestic use only Mr Insurance) i returned 33.3 MPG. The car currently is running on Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres, and is completely standard with no notable factory optional extras fitted. Anyway that's enough of boring things like fuel economy. I have attached all the photos I've managed to take in a year of ownership (pretty pathetic amount tbh). I don't have the private plate on the car anymore that is my exes. What I want to do: This is where you guys come in. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do to the car, but the application of the idea is where I ain't so great! Below is a list of "mods" (hate that word I feel like 17yr old boyracer even typing it!) I want to do to the car - any additions, subtractions or general comments would be much appreciated on them!! Alloy refurb and colour change to either graphite or shadow chrome Lowered on coilovers [not sure as to 40 or 60 drop and reputable brands, any ideas????] I've read about RS4 anti roll bars being a good upgrade - any ideas? Uprated brakes - i've done no research on this any ideas? R8 style LED headlights LED rear lights LED fog light cluster Exhaust system [again any ideas here guys and gals????] Performance Air filter [brands etc???] Remap (hoping for 205-215bhp) Button Start (this is mainly cos i have a blank button missing next to the TCS button and thought it would be more interesting that putting a blank in) Blue tint interior light replacement Auto-folding wing mirrors Cruise Control Double din head unit with reversing camera [brands?] I don't for one minute think I am going to get all of these done as my time isn't always free and my pockets aren't bottomless, but in an ideal world this is what I would have.
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