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  1. The car revs but struggles when in drive or reverse but doesn’t go anywhere. there was a loud knock and then the warning light came on. RAC came and they saw some filter has the seal not put properly and oil was leaking out. Could this be gearbox oil? 63k miles
  2. Hi All, Has anyone had the following fault code before? 18112/P1704 (Relates to kickdown switch) Any further advise/experience to repair the fault would be appreciated. Car drives great as normal, however engine management light is on. A4 B9 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro (Auto)
  3. Hey Guys, Help needed please. Have a temperamental Audi a7 that starts fine "sometimes" then other times kicks up a ESP fault alarm and wont start. once this alarm shows i get a host of other random alarms also TPMS fault Gearbox Malfunction Parking Brake Headlight range control then when i switch off the car, lock it and reopen and switch on it will start most times and the alarms are no longer showing. when the car is running it runs fine. I have replaced the battery and cleared the alarms in the car but the same problems persist. This car had a new gearbox and engine seals also done by audi over the last 2 years. other parts replaced where the brake disks, pads, wishbones, track arms, grease boots. general service wear and tear stuff. HHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP Please! 😫 Cheers Guys
  4. Hi, Ive got a 2012 S Line A5 3.0tdi quattro. its been a good car and racked up 125k, but today my gearbox seems to have eaten itself... I was driving along quite happily when the car stuttered and then started marking a noise similar to wiper blades on a dry windscreen. This was followed by the gearbox warning light, but the accompanying message said ‘Gearbox malfunction; you can continue driving’ which I did, but within 5 miles the noises seemed louder, I could have imagined it, so I pulled over and got recovered. The mechanic was able to drive the car up the slide-bed, but it sounded like a tin of bolts and there was a strong oily/friction plate smell... I’m having garage take a look in the morning, but starting to feel like it could be expensive, very expensive... So the question to you fine ladies and gentlemen is this; is my gearbox toast? Any pointers/similar experiences gratefully received... Many thanks
  5. Hi guys, First gear will not engage in my 1.4tfsi 2009 A3 8P. All other gears work fine. Ive already tried the process of putting an alan key thru the holes under the gear boot, pulling the selector springs back etc and still no luck. have also tried clutch-less shifting to see if it was the clutch & still no luck. Any ideas ? Reece
  6. Hi all I recently bought a 2008 Audi A6 2.0 TDI Sline Automatic transmission (7 gear). This is my first Audi and my dream car actually, but it has a problem. When I park the car and put the gear into the P mode, the gear is stuck in the park mode. When I want to drive it again, I need to reset it from a hole, just under the ashtray. In someone else's words, 'If your car is stuck in park and won't shift out, ... look under the ashtray and you'll see a hole, into which you can stick something to disengage the lock (white button) that prevents the car from going into drive when it's in park.' By the way, It is stuck 5 in 10 times. The problem does not exist all the time. I do not know any mechanics around here and I am not good at understanding car problems. I will go to a local garage this Wednesday, but I do not know them. May I ask if anyone had a similar problem before? I will be very happy if you give me an idea about how much it will probably cost. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Many thanks, Lut
  7. Hi everyone, I have a 2010 Audi with about 90K on the clock. In the past couple of weeks, now and then, when I change into 5th, there's a slight hesistancy and a clunk, then it carries on as if nothing has happened. Has anyone else had this problem before and discovered what it was caused by. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi , i was wondering if anyone knows if there's any apps/tools on the market, for measuring the gearbox oil temperature on my 2008 Audi A6 c6 4f ? Other than traditional VCDS's. Thx !
  9. got ' gearbox malfunction can continue to drive' pop up on my dash, took my car for a diagnostics at audi they couldnt find anything wrong with the car, took it to an independant diagnostics and it came up with 3 codes... sensor for transmission speed 2.... pressure regulator valve clogged/dirty.... clutch activation implausible. spoke to numerous places and they dont seem to know what the problem is. My guess is that theres something wrong on the ECU? if so can i get it repaired or will it be a new ECU? Any help at all please!
  10. Hi there guys :) Another problem with my lovely shed :) Multitronic gearbox was working fine ish. I drove the car for a while with PRNDS flashing, when it got cold the connection with TCM seemed to fix itself temporarily (and it would drive perfectly fine until I turn the engine off). What happened tonight kind of puzzled me - after I slowed down to let a car go through, while pressing the accelerator the car shook quite wildly actually, and it felt like the gearbox was kicked into neutral. She's done it once before, but all I had to do is literally stop and shift through the gears (to Park then back to Drive) and it went off fine. This time however I managed to roll it to a bus stop, and she just lost all drive. Gearbox is locked when in Park, however Drive, Sport, Reverse and in the manual shift mode it feels like it's in neutral. When I shift it into R it gives me a little nudge (always used to do that when going into R, this time the nudge is weaker though), but she isn't moving at all back or forth. I am going to try and plug it into VAGCOM when I finish work, but in the meantime I have two questions: 1. Has anyone ever had this kind of an issue and what could it be? 2. If i was to buy another multitronic box could I sort of DIY fit it in myself on axle stands? Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, I'm kind of in a dot right now...
  11. Hi, I'm new here I just did full service to my car (60k miles) and I've noticed a leak at the back of a gearbox. Maybe someone can help me to find out what happened. Gearbox oil changed at 40k miles at Audi Hull UK. Do I have to take out whole gearbox or just the back part? What could be the cost to fix it? Do I have to change gearbox oil again? Thanks
  12. I have a 2013 AUDI A6 2.0 TDI Automatic, whilst driving my vehicle displays "Gearbox Malfunction you can continue driving". which comes and goes. Now lately when im driving the gear seems to slip out into neutral but when I let my foot off the accelerator for a few seconds it then kicks back in. I had a mechanic check the fault with his computer when getting my Tyre fitted. I have attached a screenshot of the fault but I have no idea what this means. Can somebody please help and advise me what actions I need to take and roughly how much it will cost to fix the problem?
  13. Hi, I'm having a little issue with my SQ5 which i am hoping someone can shed some light on. For the past 2-3 months I have noticed the car doing something very weird whenever I accelerate (anything more than a gentle touch) from standstill. At points during 1st and 2nd the revs seem to hold somewhere between 1-2k rpm and then drop before continuing to move through the revs as normal. During this "hold" it is still accelerating however can be a little jerky when the revs drop. The car has been in and out of Audi 3-4 times for gearbox issues (I complained about gear changes not being smooth) which they were neither able to replicate or resolve. I do know that during the various visits the car it has had software updates applied to both ecu and gearbox. I maybe way off but i'm thinking one these updates could have caused this issue, or it is something else. Anyone else had a similar issue? Thanks, Kapil
  14. I have a 2006 2.0 Tfsi bought as a pre-owned car, which has now done 88k miles. Never really hammered or abused the car. Last couple of years 2nd & 3rd gear synchronisers have become slightly awkward to cleanly engage. Other gears are generally hard. I've changed the gear oil and bled the clutch using Audi brand fluids (expensive) but still no improvement so am resigned to the idea that I should either go to the expense of a gearbox overhaul or opt for a 2nd hand gearbox. Mine is a GVD and there are plenty of them around via ebay and online generally. What's emerging is the GVD gearbox has been used in a number of different models including A6 3.0 litre, more recent Cabrio's and the Seat Exeo. So here's the question; given I'm looking for a low mileage replacement gearbox likely closer to 2008or 2009 are all GVD gear ratios the same ? Also, if I get a continental GVD gearbox from say Sweden, Poland or Germany will I need to carry out any speedo/odometer output conversions or does this take place via the car's ECU mapping ? Regards, Jools
  15. Hi guys, I’ve just bought a 2003 a6 avant to use while I’m renavating a house. It’s a cracker of a motor and I’m suitably impressed. My question is does anyone know about the auto gearbox options. It’s a 6 speed auto, I know this because when you move the gear lever over into the sport mode the numbers on the dash appear and it’s 6. I’ve even used them all and counted 6. Looking on wiki they didn’t do a 6 speed auto which has got me confused. Any help with this would be great . Thanks and in advance
  16. Ok, the A7 went if for its first MOT. It failed! Two tyres Dunlop sportsmaxx- one tyre bulge on inside and other split - both front tyres BTW. Oh and my number plate was 2 mm out with the spacing. :( One of the gearbox ECU’s failed the one that operates the auto handbrake malfunctioned ( you can guess the cost for that) lucky its in warranty Audi Garage carrying out MOT spotted oil leaking from between the Engine and Gearbox - said it would need to go back to the Audi garage I bought it from. So What Is Leaking then? Long story short and a week later back to the other Audi Garage. They had it for over a week as i refused to accept the car back unless it was resolved and fixed adequately, in fairness they agreed and carried out the required work. Said they couldnt find any oil leak, mmm, but said they wiped the understray and around the engine but could find any oil - WTF. They did identify the following and this follows in line with a stories i heard a while ago with older models when major engine damage was the outcome. 1st - They noticed the Adblue seals were leaking - so they changed those....TICK! 2nd. They also noticed the seals (4)around the injectors were leaking diesel....TICK This may sound pretty standard the way it was reported to me over the phone. They say they carried out a 200 mile test drive and couldnt see any oil leaking. So i have had the car back, on the basis that I drive it for another 600 miles before returning it for its next service.
  17. Audi s3 breaking bam engine low miles blue Alcantara & half black leather seats inc matching doorcards bilstein b8 front shocks bilstein b6 rear shocks eibach pro springs everything available 07584 305 215
  18. Hi all,i have a 2004 A3 2.0 TDI With a DSG gearbox, the car has done 130,000 and I use it to keep the mileage down on my A5, the car has been fine but last week it suddenly lost drive (like dipping the clutch) and the gear indicator flashed, stopped the car and re-stared and all was good again, but the problem kept coming back.VCDS had a gearbox code and description of shift solenoid 5 (N92) open or short to ground, so swapped it out with an eBay one, changed the oil and filter and tried again but got the same fault after about 20 min of driving the car isn't worth more than a grand so if I can't resolve it myself cheaply it will go up for spares or repair but if anyone has any any advice that would be greatly appreciated, I was going to take the mechatronic out again and give a good inspection of connections etc
  19. Hi all, my gearbox blew and now do not have 4th and 1st gear, it seems a replacement is needed. is anyone selling at all?
  20. Hello all, I have the dreaded PRNDS lights on my Audi A4 Estate, Only had it 3 months and gutted. Had a diagnostic run on the car and got the following report: 1790 ) Transmission range sensor implausible signal. P0706 - inter wiring or sensor. I put it in the garage for a transmission oil change but the garage was very good and called me to say the issue was as above and did not change the oil. They advised going to a gearbox specialist but I want to know is the more of an auto electrician job? any help would be appreciated as I am felt broke after returning a company car before lease expired ( got hit with penalties) & had to buy this car + insurance tax etc etc
  21. Hello, This is my first post on the forum, I did a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for, sorry if this has already been covered. After doing my research, the best car for me, is a 2005-2008 A6 (C6) Avant 3.0 TDI Quattro. I do mixed driving, covering city, motorway, dual carriageway and the twisty windy country B roads. I’ve always been a manual driver (love having that extra control) but for this particular car, will I have to change my ways and opt for an auto? I don’t mind autos, both have their pros and cons… but would the knowledgeable Audi drivers please step forward with some advice. I understand I’m looking for the ‘older model’ therefore my main concern is not necessarily about handling or mpg...I’m more interested in maintenance and reliability. Which one has the least problems, which is more reliable, manual or automatic and why? I look forward to hearing from those in the know.
  22. I was recently informed, that my Auto gearbox needed an oil change every 40K miles to maintain the integrity and warranty. On presenting the car to an Audi garage, they informed me the gearbox is sealed for life!! Is this true?? I can't believe the oil doesn't need to be changed...ever?!?! Cheers
  23. Hello. I have a 58 plate Audi A3 1.8 automatic. It's making a grinding noise as I'm driving. Audi have taken a sample of the gearbox oil and found metal shavings in it. Their solution is a £4000 odd gearbox change. The car has been very well driven and has only done 24,000 miles. It's not under any warranty. Any advice - surely this can't be right....
  24. Hello, I wondered if anyone could help. I drive a Audi A6 on a 05 plate which is the 3.0L TDI Quattro with an Auto box. At 1500rpm (pretty much exactly) I am getting a terrible judder from the car. This can occur at any speed but only comes when the accelerater is pressed lightly (say in steady traffic). Any more and the revs change and it stops. If I knock it into manual mode the judder stops at the same rev range. So it's just in auto mode. I have had the 14(?) onboard computers checked with a VW/Audi diagnostics machine. Nothing wrong was found but I think these tests were mainly engine related. Has anyone else got this issue? Any questions please ask. Thanks
  25. Hi guys! I have a 54 plate A3 Quattro 2.0T and I've had it for a few months now. At crawling speeds it makes a clearly audible thud when moving off, and feels the same as when your handbrake might stick (Its not the brakes as i've checked those .This wasnt much of a problem until it began to get worse (more knocking noises). I suspect that its a loose driveshaft connection and is just taking up the torque. A month or so after i bought it it developed a misfire so took it back to the dealer who fixed it under warranty. the procedure for removing the head somehow involved removing most of the 4WD system and gearbox etc and a week after i got it back it developed the above noise, and so naturally i suspec that that may have been the cause. My question to you lot is whether any of you have experienced such a noise, and what did you do to fix it? Many thanks!
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