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Fault with air suspension.


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Hi. A few weeks ago i had several fault messages showing. Air suspension, Brake guard, lane assist. The car...a8 2013 3.0lt TDI Quattro, had not been driven for a while 4/5 weeks. Started and drove fine for about 10 miles before showing faults. Returned home and charged battery. Car fine. Yesterday, after a run of 30 plus miles i had fault with suspension, active cruise control. I was wondering if a slightly weak battery could be to blame?  I am not very able bodied, the battery, being in the boot is hard to get to. I have a good battery tester but i need to know the CCA and the Amp rating. If anyone has this information please let me know.

Living in Scotland the Covid rules are different to England....workshops not fully open.





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Hello John,

Cutting to the chase, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the battery is the offender here. 

Not sure whether your model year battery is the old style lead acid battery or the later AGM type. If the latter, then they should only be charged using a modern ‘intelligent’ charger. 

Self testing battery efficiency? Personally, I wouldn’t bother. I would take it for at least a 10 mile run, before running it in to Halfords, who should be able to test it for you. Buying a replacement from Halfords? Obviously your choice John, but I tend to buy my batteries on line from retailers such as Battery Megastore (via. eBay for free carriage), Tanya etc. I tend to invest in a quality brand such as Varna/Bosch from their 5 year warranty range. 

Kind regards,


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Thank you for taking time to reply Gareth. The car has stop start so it probably has a AGM battery. Halfords service centres are open up here but the shops remain closed. I did ask the service centre if they could check....unfortunately not. I am in no rush as the car drives fine. My charger is of the inteligent type and suitable for AGM and standard type batteries. I will enquire once the shops open again.

Thank you again for your time.



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Hi all. Not been on for a while. People tend to only use forums when something is wrong with their particular car.

Testament to Audi...had a couple of years of trouble free motoring. The above problem was traced ( via Audi tech ) to seized front height sensors, probably down to not being used. The Audi tech freed them off and lubricated them. Since then no problem at all. I took it to Audi and payed £60 for diagnostics. The fix was no charge.

The car has that many extras...packs i was wondering what the cost was when new. Anyone know if there is any way to find out?

Car is May 13.

Thank you. John.


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On 6/14/2021 at 5:56 PM, WOODYTHEWISE said:

Thanks Steve, I'll try that.👍

No probs, I do confess to owning a large brochure collection. My oldest car brochure is from 1933. 

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