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2019 A6 C8 Black Edition Window Trim

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I've got a 69 reg A6 Avant Black Edition 1year old with 15k miles and have had the following issue develop.

The black trim that surrounds the windows has started to develop clear parts, most noticeable on the rear offside upright, but also on every corner and the folded leading edges. I've attached some photos to help show this. The front grill, exhausts trims, rear tailgate black strip or the plastic door pieces have not developed this issue.

It's the 3rd black edition I've owned, the other 2 being the A4 Avant and never seen this before. No change to cleaning products, equipment or technics.


Anyone seen this before or have any ideas? It's currently with Audi for a warranty consideration, but I'm worried I'm going to be told it's something I've done when I know that's not the case. It was the first Black Edition this dealership had sold in the new model and I'm wondering if others are starting to see a similar issue.

Many thanks






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Hi Gareth,

Thanks for taking the time to look and reply.

It's cleaned ca. every 6 weeks. Maybe 7/8 washes in total.

Maguire's or Finesse products.

Hose rinse, 2 bucket - clean water and soap water (sheep wool mit), rinse off. Hand dry with microfiber towel. Tyre dressing applied. Once waxed when new, Waxed again ready for winter all by hand. I don't own any machine polishers.

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