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Water ingress boot area- A8L 2013


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Morning all,


I am looking for for some assistance please. I have a continuous water leak to the left side of my boot. It gathers at the lowest point just below the sponge in the attached image. It's causing real problems with the electrical system and trim. Any guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated. The var does have a sunroof but drain appear to be clear. 


Many happy 




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Hello Raymond,

Many thanks for joining. 
Possible sources of ingress include rear lights, and around the tailgate rear wiper etc. 
I think the most direct method of finding the source is to remove as much of the inside-boot trim from sides etc. and get an unsuspecting smallest-available pal to get into the boot - armed with a battery operated inspection lamp. You run a hose pipe over the car, starting at the lowest points and working upwards, while ‘poor unsuspecting’ looks for when and where the water appears from. Correction will be dependent on source of ingress. 
Perhaps you can let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,


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Hi Steve, got a new seal, it's not that. Waiting for a decent day to look at it but I think the water is getting beneath the plastic drain between the window and the seal. There is a plastic cover and metal screw beneath it holding the drain in place. I think this is the area, thanks Raymond 


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