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New owner - lots of questions!


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¹Hi all.  First Post and hope it's OK.  Just bought a 2012 A1 in a bit of a 'need a car now' situation (don't ask).  It's growing on me - slowly - but there's a few things that bother me, and I'd appreciate any comments/help.

Tyres.  Currently has new Firestone 225/35R18 fitted but the road noise is terrible and it's a bit of a hard drive. Someone has suggested Bridgestone Potenza or Uniroyal Rainsport 5 when I next change.  Anyone have any suggestions (including whether to use a different tyre size)?

Reverse parking camera.  First car I've had without one in a while (and judging how I park it, it shows!).  Is it relatively easy/cheap to have one fitted?

Fuel consumption.  I'm a bit taken aback how quickly my fuel tank emptied from full.  Careful driver, no stowage/passengers, fairly flat journeys of about 25 miles each, half motorway, quarter each A/B roads.  Having enjoyed 60+MPG in my 2013 Auris, It's a shock! Must admit I've spent a bit of time idling trying to work out the cars functions so maybe the next fill I'll get more MPG (or maybe I'm too used to the MPG from hybrids I've owned).  

Sat Nav.  My car's got 2 SD slots and a CD player, but *checks notes* no USB port (I still use my Ipod Classic) and no actual card for the Satnav.  The satnav works but seems a bit out of date (did a comparison with Google maps).  Can you get Google maps on the popup sat nav system at all or anyway it connects to my phone?

If I cant do anything with the Satnav, where does everyone put a mobile phone holder (to use Google maps for navigating)?  I can't find one that fits the vents, I'm not keen on using the windscreen or having charging cables dangling about (longer cables I could tuck in but they don't really charge the phone).  I suppose I could shut the popup screen and stick it one on there, but render the thing pointless.

Wing mirrors.  I have to fold these in manually?  1st world problem I know, but I've never had a car that at least didn't have a button to press to fold them.  Am I missing something?

Sorry for all the daft questions.  Despite my moaning, I do like the car, it's just so different to what I've had in the past.  Any help appreciated!



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Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 

Either if those 2 tyre brands are good. 

They can be added, might be worth you speaking to an auto electrican. 

Your phone sat back can't be shown on the cars screen. You can get SD card updates. Have a look on eBay first. 

Yep mpg will be a shock if you've come from hybrids. What mpg is the car saying you're getting? TFSI engines aren't the most economical. 

Mirrors, it most likely won't have the feature. You could have it retrofitted and is worth speaking to autologics or Audi retrofits. 

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Hello Ray,

Re tyres and harsh ride:-  I think that the ride with any 35 profile tyre on a car built with sports suspension is going to be ‘harsh’ irrespective of brand - you just don’t have sufficient shock absorbing rubber to benefit from comfort. Moving to 17 inch wheels will allow higher profile and help to some extent. Other considerations:- have you checked whether the current tyres are XL? - or run-flat. Either of these will add to ride harshness. 

Non- folding mirrors:- worth obtaining a build record from a main dealer via. the VIN. This will tell you whether the car was built with folding mirrors, but are no longer working. It has been said that VAG equip all their vehicles with such motorised mirrors ( your age of car?) and all you need to do is to have them coded to operate. This is new to me and would be great. I’m not having that confirmed with our non-Audi, but….

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the replies.  I think I'll just have to learn to like the car - and its running costs - as is.  

I've seen Audi plug n play device that you can buy for £35.  Someone has said that this allows Google maps to show on screen.  Anyone got one or can shed more light on it?  Do you have to have a subscription?  Thanks again

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