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Need help with phone in D2


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Hi everyone. My 1997 Audi A8 D2 has never been equipped with a phone. Recently I got an Audi phone and beautifully installed it in my car not being aware that the phone works with the Bluetooth MMI module of cars like 2006 A4,6,8, etc. However, I am still looking for some ways to make it work as a separate GSM phone as it has the SIM slot and logically can work independently. I installed a cradle with a charger. However, the phone when starting it is looking for the Bluetooth base station, fails to find and that is it. Other options of Bluetooth other devices and many telephone options are faded, although the faded options show SIM card and many other usual cellular phone option. Several times it found other Bluetooth devices in my car but could not connect.
So, I am left with questions and need your help:
1. How is it possible to make the phone forget the base station on Bluetooth and connect to other devices? Ideal option.
2. If 1 is not possible, how to stop automatic start of Bluetooth search? Mediocre option
3. What additional device from Audi electronics do I need to get the phone work? Costly option.


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you can buy a thing you plug into  12v socket thats gives you blue tooth  then you link phone to it     kev

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Yes, I did it. Here what happens when I try to connect. The problem is that the phone refuses to go into the mobile phone regime before it connects via Bluetooth. I just want to know if there is any kind of a trick to stop the Bluetooth connection request or make it connect to other devices as it is commonplace.


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