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Q7 starting problems


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Hi there, my Q7 has just started giving me problems with starting. Seems to be after a short journey and then being stopped for a short while, it won't start!

All dashboard lights come on but when I turn the key there is nothing - doesn't crank, doesn't make any noise just won't start. If we leave it for 2-3 hours then go back to it it will start. I think an immobiliser problem and possibly key fob battery fault, but hubby thinking something more sinister!

Local audi independent backed up with work and not taking any motors in for diagnostics for around a month! 

Any help.appreciated!

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Hello Audrey, 

Welcome, and many thanks for joining. Since it does not turn over, it has to be something that allows the starter motor to operate.

Is it an auto or manual? If auto it could be associated with the P ( Park) isolator that prevents the starter being operated if not in Park. If manual - possibly the switch on the clutch pedal. 
Also worth searching the threads on here about adding an additional engine earth?? or something similar.

Also worth checking all electrical connections feeding the starter - also the relay in that circuit. 
If it were mine, I think I would be investing in an hour’s time of your trusted local auto electrician.

All above assumes both starter motor and battery are serviceable.

Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. 
Kind regards,


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Saw something similar a few years ago. Turned out to be the starter motor. It would start when cold but cranked a little slower than it should but once the car was warm it wouldn’t even crank until cooled. 

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