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Amalfi Coast in an old A3 cabriolet?!

Red Veronica

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Hello all, new to the forum. Apologies if this post is in wrong place! Question for those with more experience than me owning older audis who have done grand tours:

Just purchased 58 plate A3 cabriolet, 83000 on the clock, fsh, well looked after…..i want to take her from the New Forest right down to Sorrento. And back! Viable or a ludicrous idea?!?!?!IMG_5906.thumb.jpeg.a40956d7f88de6179edf24749113c436.jpeg 

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Hello Thomas,

Certainly viable in my book! 
If it were mine, I would totally ignore the FSH, and irrespective of when the last service was clone, I would be getting a comprehensive service carried out by a trusted local garage before departing. Equip yourself with a reputable get-car-and-yourself- home-by direct-route breakdown cover, and relax and enjoy it. 
Having said that, driving the Amalfi coast would not be for me! I have an issue with heights. 
Look up an old film - ‘Chase a Crooked Shadow’ - enjoyable suspense and well worth a watch. 
Prepare for the journey and enjoy. 
Let us know how you get on. 
Kind regards,


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If the car is in good shape and has been well cared for then I see no problem in driving there and back. However I would test its condition well in advance of the holiday by putting it under stress on a long fast drive of at least half an hour. That should reveal any defects to be sorted out before departure.

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