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Post a photo of your Audi


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Long time admirer but have generally always been a Ford man through budget constraints but after have a Q7 from new as a company car have bought myself an A4 as my work car…

2014 A4 SE Technik 2.0 tdi and absolutely love it


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2 hours ago, Steve Q said:

What a fantastic picture! Where was it taken? 

Lake Garda, Italy - August 2017, in happier, pre-Covid times…:cool:

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1 hour ago, TamaraPollard said:

Hi! I’m new to the owners club! This is my pride and joy☺️D9900CD9-0782-42DE-9108-A5F5EBC13C1D.thumb.jpeg.233aaa41fcea079249d7495e58129be8.jpeg

Very nice! Welcome. 👏🏻

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On 3/22/2022 at 8:31 PM, gsmdo said:


Nice Cabriolet. Like that colour too. Perfect car for the trip. 👍

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