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Creaking air suspention

Justin Hartwell

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Hi all, hope your weekend is going well.

having recently bought my Q7 and absolutely loving it, if I change the suspention setting to low, it drops down but towards the end of the process it makes a creeping noise, maybe 2 or 3 creeks.

any thoughts on this please????

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Hello Justin :) 

im not surprised you love your q7, they are awesome! 

Im wondering if the creeking could be the ball joints or suspension bushes? 



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Hi Justin....welcome to the Forum

It could be that the suspension hasn't been used to its limits for some time and if you constantly raise and lower it chances are it will ease up over time.


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Hello Justin,

Perhaps this may appear to be a daft question, but is this creaking problem less if a problem in wet conditions? My feeling is that this is a dry bush issue - and there will be numerous ones, and well worth getting an assistant to listen to try to find out which corner emits the noise. 

I see the car is about 3 yaers old, and it would probably benefit from a dosing with a WD40 type spay on all bushes and moving parts anyway. Obviously pay respect to shielding the brake discs from any overspray. 

I have found that GT85 (with PTFE) to be a good/better? alternative to WD40, and being Welsh it matters that it is cheaper. I understand sales in Scotland have gone through the roof, whereas WD sales are in decline! Only joking.

Kind regards,


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My ladyfriends' Alfa Romeo creaks more than my old joints in the winter and I have found that spraying the rubber components with Silicon spray every so often keeps the creaking at bay.

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