New 1.5 tfsi engine

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Hi, I own a 2016 A3 1.4 150 TFSI and recently went for a service and I was loaned the 1.5 TFSI. I found the exact same issues you describe and it also would kangaroo when at low speed in car parks etc. I asked the service receptionist who said he found the same issue and that Audi are aware and working on a fix!!!!  I found my 1.4 much smoother, punchier and quieter. This 1.5 engine has been around now for a couple of years and still working on a fix!!!!

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My 1.5 TFSI A3 was recalled by my dealer on 5th Sept to have the long awaited software fix applied. Initially I thought the problem was fixed; no hesitation when setting off and much livelier performance. However, the hesitation returned after a couple of days although not quite as bad. I did a deal last Oct to change the car for a 2ltr diesel just so I could be done with this problem even though I don’t do the miles to justify a diesel and although I’m still waiting for it, I can’t wait to say goodbye to the 1.5 TFSI. I hope the software fix is better for you all. I intend to tell the dealer that the car is still not right but having gone down the route of changing it, I’m not going to waste much time pursuing this problem. Don’t think I will be buying another Audi.

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