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Found 19 results

  1. Hi I've recently bought an a3 (2007) 2.0 TDI sline don't really have a great idea as to what I'm doing when It comes to this told it was best to use a forum and get some help I'm after some coilovers/lowering springs that fit but not a clue where to start looking as I don't want to be paying too much. I'm also unsure as to where would fit them if I did find some. Thanks for your help
  2. I’m planning to remap my Audi A3 2.0 TDI 8P and also at some point install a K&N Induction Kit. I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on whether there’s any benefits of installing these in a particular order? (i.e. remap then induction kit or induction kit then remap)? Or does it even matter at all? thanks in advance.
  3. Hey I'm new to this site, I have an Audi A4 B8 2009 2.0 143BHP TDI. I have this idea to see how much power I can achieve by just changing the turbo for a hybrid turbo and a remap my figures are 143bhp to 220bhp. I installed a cone yesterday and bypassed the mass air flow sensor due to the fact the filter wouldn't fit, and the car at first was behaving and boosting considerably and driving fine. I made a 35 minute trip back to my city and then stopped for fuel. Once I had fuelled up, it stopped boosting and I had to reconnect the stock air filter and mass air flow sensor. At this point I haven't cleared the fault code that I ended up getting about a few hours later saying TurboCharger/Supercharger "A" Underboost condition. (P0299). The car was boosting again but then seemed to go into limp mode and flashed glow plug lights at me. I switched engine off and back on and then an hour later I saw that code mentioned above ^ and cleared the code. Gave it another boot and the turbo is working again, seems like a bit of turbo lag but its still boosting, but I'm not sure if the lag is due to the fact I had the cone on their previously and could feel the instant power. Since clearing the code it hasn't come back at all, which is a good sign. The other thing I did, was to derestrict the air filter box so that the flap won't open and close, oddly enough fuel consumption doesn't seem too bad with that being done. I also seem to have a leak on the EGR valve and the car munches oil and It means that I may have to keep topping up every few months. So far, I've topped it once since I bought the car in September but I can see it's going down on the car's computer. Not sure if its EGR Valve leak or the actual silicone pipe. I was advised that getting a metal performance pipe would be better for power and that I may aswell replace it if the silicone pipe is leaking oil. I'm very unsure of where to get any of these things though. Some help would be greatly appreciated. For now the car will hopefully become a sleeper and if the car isn't beyond repair and I can achieve the numbers I stated above, I will then turn it into an RS4 with front end conversion B8.. 🙂 I have big plans for this car.
  4. Hi all, I am looking to buy a Audi A5 2.0 tfsi soon. However I am aware of the oil consumption issues with these engines. My question is, what percentage are actually effected? Will I have a good chance of getting one that hasn’t got the oil issues? Or should I just walk away from it? the car has full service history, but has been recently done by a garage for the past few years and not Audi themselves. If it needs a rebuilt engine will Audi not pay out due to the service history? i am just looking peoples experiences with these engines to get an idea and if you had a rebuild can you please tell me what you had to provide them with? if they had the rebuild done will it be covered by Audi?
  5. Rio


    Hi, I am a new member. I have been looking endlessly for a gear box for my Audi A6 Sline 2.0 TDI Diesel (Automatic). My VIN code is WAUZZZ4FX7N126957 Can anybody assist please. Thanks Rio
  6. Hi All, I ran my car on a dyno yesterday and was presented with some pretty interesting results. I am pretty annoyed, but also curious as to what I can do about it (if anything). I have an Audi A3 (2010) 2.0 TDI - 170bhp, which I had remapped around 2 years ago with Viezu tuning. I also have a few other mods (Miltek, BMC filter etc) but they do very little in terms of performance gains. So long story short, I took my car for a service around 2 months ago to my local audi dealer and when i got the car back it felt pretty slow again, not awful, but not great. Took my car to the Dyno and low and behold, i am back to 170 (Stock) with a pretty awful looking Dyno run (Not very smooth at all). Now i am no expert so i wanted to make sure the Dyno results were correct and I also need to understand what I can do in regards to Audi giving me some money for writing over my map. Please note, everything i take it in, i tell them not to do a software update, so they have either done it without telling me or even worse they have applied the emissions fix to my car which I have opted out of on a number of occassions. Can someone confirm, would a software update overwrite the map? And what is the best way forward? The company i took my car to were pretty decent they offered me a new map and dyno for £350, apparently they write there own maps from scratch and also sell maps to other providers. I was quoted around 210-215bhp other maps are quoting me around 225. Thanks P.s Dyno results attached.
  7. Hello all. I’m new to this site. I’ve just purchased an A3 2.0fsi 2005. 3dr I need a new boot as mines is damaged. I was wondering if anyone knows if I could use one off an A3 same model but a 5 door? Also if the rear bumper can also be used off the 5 door to replace my rear bumper on my 3 door? Any advice would be great thanks Andrew
  8. Hi all I’ve finally gotten around to making a petition for my grievances against Audi UK please share and sign. I don’t want myself and others to suffer in silence. Can you help me out by signing this petition?
  9. Hi, speedometer for sell - perfect condition from Audi A6/100 C4 2.0 ACE part № 4A1 919 033 P without outside temp. display Price: 100 euro location: Bulgaria, Sofia For more info: PM
  10. *** Reduced due to a time waster *** Please contact me if you would like to view or have any questions on 07973622823 £11,750 ono An amazing Audi A5 Sportback in very rare Lava Grey Pearl paint with full leather, heated seats and Bluetooth! Facelift Model - May 2012 Metallic pearl Lava Grey Full Audi Main Dealer service history - with next service free as part of Audi service pack!! 73,000 miles Manual 2 owners from new Lady Owner 2 keys All manuals present HPI CLEAR Good tyres all round Just had front brake pads done MOT April 2018 Tax October 2018 Only £30 per year tax!!! Amazing optional extra specification including: Full S-Line trim Fine Nappa Leather with S Line Embossing, Electric Front and Rear Windows Heated Seats Bluetooth Mobile Telephone Preparation SD Memory Rear parking Sensors (PDC) 18” 5 spoke alloys Factory Fitted Privacy Glass Auto headlights Auto Wipers Armrest Xenon headlights Deluxe 3 - Zone Climate Control Heated and Electric door mirrors Tailored Boot matt included Any questions please message me or call on 07973 622823 and I will get straight back to you - Viewing high recommended. No time wasters please thanks for looking
  11. Hi all, New audi owner but having a bad experience. 2 weeks into ownership and the oil pressure light came on. Mechanic said leak in the crank seal and broken chain guides so advised to replace waterpump aswell and a few other bits. Turns out the cylinder head is knackerd too. Car has been in the garage for almost 2 months now. 😢 So i am now on the lookout for a cylinder head or even a whole engine. If any one can help or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks Nayan
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying to source a starter motor for my A3 Sportback BKD 2.0tdi 140bhp 2006. Having taken my current one off to count its teeth and check its model, I can confirm it has an 11 tooth count and is Valeo branded. Please see attached photos for evidence of current starter. Eurocarparts suggest that there are 4 different brands and two different fitment types for this vehicle. Unfortunately, none of these match what I currently have. The following starters are available on eurocarparts: Fitment 1 RTX: 10 teeth ,1,7 KW Hella: 10 teeth ,1,7 KW Bosch: 10 teeth ,1,7 KW Fitment 2 RTX: 12 teeth, 2 KW Lucas: 12 teeth, 2 KW All models offered have the same flange & lengths in mm. Could anyone shed any light on which to buy? I'm limited to buying a factory refurbished one rather than from a breakers. Cheers.
  13. Recently purchased an Audi A6 with 88k miles on the clock. Wanted something relatively practical whilst being a little different. Had been looking to buy a 2.7 or 3.0 tdi A4 but when I saw this, I thought "why not"! I am a big fan of cars and over the years, have had many friends who have (and still do) spend a lot of money getting their cars sorted. My plan is to keep the car pretty standard (excluding the air and alloys) but will be looking to replace the ancient sat nav and remap at some point (funds permitting) just to get a bit more out on the engine. Any body with experience in these areas, would love to hear your thoughts. Tried to upload a picture of the car - hope it works...
  14. Hello, this is a first time post, I bought a 2010 A4 TFSi 1.8 last September with around 35k on the clock. It was fine and loved it to start with, however there was a weird noise which turned out to be the water pump failing when starting the ignition, I bought as Audi used approved so was replaced under warranty, they however noticed a small oil leak when changing the pump. A short while later the car starting using oil to the extent we had reached the refil point per the on board display, luckily the dealer had given us a litre of oil (coincidence or normal practice?). Prior to. Using the car I has seen there was an issue so asked the salesman if this car is likely to be affected, he told me it was a batch in the USA, unfortunately I had to buy the car quickly so didn't have much time to research in full so took his word. We then booked into our Audi dealer for the consumption test, our car couldn't go in straight away so started using oil again, but went in before the oil refil came on again. We then carried out the test, and wouldn't you know it, the oil gauge didn't seem to move, so passed the test. We have since done anothe 1.000 miles or so and the reading is displaying around half way. I have spoken to Audi UK and they tell me it is within their tolerances, but they will organise another test at the dealer for me. I said it wasn't within my tolerances and why should a modern car need to have oil added regularly as I can only see the problem getting worse? I also realised that I do not have a full Audi service history, when I saw it online Audi approved are advertised as having been serviced by the Audi network solely, I am now worried that if there is a warranty claim re the engine at some point they can point to the fact it hasn't got s full Audi service history, and if I come to resell again don't have a full Audi service history, but think I have paid a premium to the dealer on the basis I did, as this is how it is advertised which can't be right? Overall sadly I am not as happy as I hoped, I previously had a 55 plate 1.9TDi which I loved and only changed as she started getting on the point repairs were getting dearer, I expected trouble free happy motoring for a good while. sorry first post is a rant but wondered if anyone has had same problem with oil consumption issues which aren't bad enough or where I stand re buying a vehicle advertised as having being serviced by Audi network but in fact an independent garage has also performed a service? Many thanks Simon
  15. Hi All I have an A5 2.0TFSI Coupe Front wheel drive and I'm looking for the location of my DV valve as I want to check if it's torn the rubber. I've had a look around under the hood but I can't see it. Thanks in advance for any help. George
  16. Any body tell me if there is a pre-heater on board the A3 (2015) model that heats the cabin, aids the demist of front screen? Outside air temp is below freezing and window is already demisting / de icing after a min or two (cabin is feeling warm) Cheers
  17. Hi All, Just joined as a member. I have had my Audi for nearly two years. My car was stolen on Friday morning off my driveway. I really hope to recover it so I am trying to get the word out. Audi A3 S Line 2.0 Diesel Automatic(170).5 Door. Full leather interior. Two tone cream and black. Panoramic sunroof, heated seats, climate control.108,000 miles approx. 57 plate, registered jan 08.
  18. Hello Guss & Gandas Im Prince from Staffordshire and I just bought me a used A3 2.0 tdi yesterday and I have to admit that the mileage was quiet high at 160000 but the thing drove me home like a charm. I didnt really mind the mileage as my mechanic told me because these tdi diesels are built like tanks including the fact that the service history was so accurate. Im pleased of the purchase but its only early days so im not gonna rush my excitement and chill. what I did today was to buy a full service and few other bits to get the service done even though the computer telling me its not due for another 1400 miles. I will get it done this weekend if not earlier. I use to have a Nissan 350z monster of a car that was but in had a bang with an idiot and had to share responsibilities. anyway I am impressed with the fact that I put a full tank but barely moved from full bar after nearly 120miles i drove from to home. Im hoping I can benefit from this car. and by the way the lil thing is freaking quick and respond so fast to the press of a pedal. All in all I wanted you guys to tell me anything I need to keep this baby going. hopefully you will be my guide in this journey.
  19. Hi everyone My car broke down last night Its been perfectly fine, no troubles. Yesterday went to the shop, when got back I started the engine and it turned itself off and didn't start since Called green flag, and after some checks man said that must be either fuel filter or fuel pump. there was no fuel coming when I tried to start it, but when he sprayed something in the throttle body, than car started fine for a second. My question is is there anyone near me (Newark) who could advise me where to find fuel pump and what sort of pump is it. I have 2002 a4 b6 2.0 petrol engine ALT thanks