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  2. Hi All, I have just purchased a pre facelift 8v and am looking to fit the aluminium pack. My car currently has the aluminium grille, roof rails and window trims but need the front bumper strip (x1 piece) and rear bumper parts (x3 pieces). My rear bumper has the gloss black trims so firstly is there anyone that wants to go black that has the aluminium that could be swapped? If not is anyone selling any parts? Many thanks!
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  4. Hi All! Just purchased a pre facelift RS3 8v, in Catalunya Red - love being back in a Quattro and most importantly having the 5 cylinder under my bonnet! Identical to the car shown on the home page. Based in the New Forest.
  5. Hi what is the the Wright oil to use on my audi r8 v10,2010
  6. Hi John.....welcome to the Forum Only tip I can think of is enjoy it ! .... especially with this Indian Summer we're having 😎 Good to have you onboard
  7. Hi Kit....welcome to the Forum Look forward to seeing the pictures. Good to have you onboard
  8. Hi Brendan....welcome to the Forum A8, very nice car indeed....Enjoy! Good to have you onboard
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  10. cliffcoggin


    I can't help with the diagnosis, but I would want an independent assessment of the fault before spending that much money. I would also want a money-back guarantee on any proposed solution, as I have been sceptical of Audi diagnoses in the past.
  11. Morning all. My 2105 currently has cruse control. Is it possible and relatively easy / cheap to add a speed limiter to this? Many thanks Andy
  12. Hey team, trying to track down some test pipes so I can get the cat outta my RHD B8 S4. Would rather not fabricate from scratch. Does anyone know where I can find some in the UK?
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  14. Hi all. I have an odd problem I would like to share. When I listen to my music via Bluetooth from my iPhone or take a call, the sound sometimes cuts out intermittently. This happens when the phone is placed in the centre cup holders but not when the phone is in the centre arm rest or my lap! Do you think that the Bluetooth in the car has “dead spots”? Thanks Carl
  15. I have a brand new in the box A5 chrome windscreen surround for 2009 A5 cabriolet onwards if anyone is interested. Would like £200.
  16. Hi, I'm considering a 2008 A4 2.0 TDI CR S-Line quattro. it's the 168bhp version and stated MPG is 47.9 combined. I wonder if anyone can tell me what I can expect in true MPG figures as I drive 15 - 20k per year on motorway and A roads and don't want to be hammered for diesel. Also, any common issues with the quattro over the FWD variant. Much appreciated. Bob
  17. Premium Members can receive the following discount on Catalytic Converters: Wholesale Net Trade Prices on mail orders place through the website View full discount
  18. ...oh the good old days of points and condensors, usually adjusting the points every weekend to keep the spark 🙂 I too had a 74 Camaro LT350 but spent most of my time chasing it with a MIG welder. Also got bored with cars too quickly but have definitely slowed down over the years and just one every 2 years now I suppose. Well you've certainly ended up with a gem now....the A8 is a superb car and should hopefully keep you entertained for many years to come.
  19. Try this company....also based in Southampton
  20. Did you find out what it was ? I wonder if it could be something to do with transportation (such as a packing piece) and should have been removed on the Pre-Delivery Inspection...especially as it has only covered 4k miles.
  21. Agreed, great blog site....thoroughly enjoy reading about different destinations to travel to and the list is growing every year 🙂
  22. Hi....welcome to the Forum First thought is whether someone has damaged the mirror from driving past and hitting it....may not have very noticeable damage but a closer inspection may find this to be the case.....worth a look to eliminate this theory Let us know what you find out to be the cause of the fault.
  23. I've now changed the title of the post Gareth, makes it easier for anyone searching for information on this topic
  24. As you can see, split the whole way round on the inside!!
  25. Have a 2015 Q5 3.0L TDi and had the main crankshaft alternator drive pulley fracture the whole center hub. Has anyone had the same experience, or are we just unlucky.
  26. You will not have a SW option to do screen mirroring on the MMI you have in your car(s) The is no Graphics interface option in option that I am aware of unless you can try spoofing the reversing camera feed MMI advanced with the larger screen and SIM slot has google maps and audi connect etc but that is inbuilt Apps rather than shared..
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