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  2. Thanks Steve. Didn’t realise it was the non clutched type. Kind regards, Gareth. p.p. Anyway, air con in a convertible? - unless the car has to be used as everyday transport.
  3. i cant locate fuse location in audi it is so confusing, every garage ive been dont know and audi show room didnt know. can some one help. audi q7 2017 - cigarette lighter location.
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  5. Thanks Gareth! ill take a look shortly.
  6. Likely you would need the whole MMI upgrade, screen, center console, multiple control units, along with other module firmware upgrades to support the new hardware. Not an easy job i think. Do you have/can fit an aux port, might be easier to do that and use a mp3 player or bluetooth adapter to get your music
  7. Hello Ian, Rapid P609 eh! Probably originated well east of the Thames estuary! Perhaps you will have to go with XL, but we take it you will go with the recommended size. Goodyear? These are a premium grade tyre, and the only experience I have with Goodyear has been with a family member’s BMax which was fitted with them from new - didn’t last as well as expected despite painfully careful! driving. Continentals? Got these on the large non- Audi and they have done well. Tried them on the humble A3, and not too impressed with the mileage achieved, so will be reverting to Michelin which gave much better mileage per £. Ok , may be more than expensive to buy but have lasted longer with us. Buying online? Yes OK, what I tend to do is get the best reasonable online price in carriage and inc. the all important fitting and see how this compares with say Kwick Fit who now seem to be very competitive. Armed with these prices, I then go along to me independent tyre company and enquire how close they can get. I feel we must support the local trade even if it may turn out to be a few pounds more - which it often isn’t. Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Anyone recommend an ECU tester for an a4 b7 3ltr sline tdi.
  9. Hi Lewis.....welcome to the Forum Fine looking A3, these cars are ideal for subtle modding to enhance the already superb looks....plenty of accessories out there aswell. Club Stickers are available here or if you join as a Premium Member then you would get them free within the membership pack. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  10. Hello Gary, My first action would be to get the coolant system pressure tested. Kind regards, Gareth.
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  12. Steve Q

    Roof bars

    As yours is a second generation I believe not. Cheers Steve
  13. Oh duhh just read it again apologies.
  14. HI all, sorry if this question has been asked before but could not find it in previous forums. My dad has a 2.0 TDi 2016 (66 plate) the past few weeks now whenever he starts the car (either if engine is cold or warm) the MMI system will not come on, regardless if he presses the on button on the dash. The only way so far he has managed to fix it is pull out the relevant fuse in the boot. He mentioned this to Audi yesterday as it was going in for its MOT. They had a look (not sure what that intales) and they could find nothing, their next steps was for them to look at wiring if he was to give it back to them. The car has less than 30K on the clock, does about 30 miles a week. Car has never had a problem until now. The MMI is also as upto date has it can be. Any suggestions or ideas? I know this problem can be aimed at any of the Audi range. Thanks for reading and helping! Gregor
  15. Did you find the cause of the soot, sounds like a similar problem I have at the minute
  16. Martin (wooks) / Grant (Jenna), Action at last ! I contacted Frank Thomas at Chingford Audi who claimed little/no knowledge of the problem or update. He did say one of his technicians may have knowledge however he was on holiday last week and he would ask him to phone me this week. He phoned today and gave me more details. I then emailed and phoned Dundee Audi who still could not find update so I asked the workshop manager in Dundee to phone the guy in Chingford. It transpired that Dundee computer details had not been updated to my new car (my number plate is private and been swapped to new A6 last November) so as soon as new details were put in and then the chassis number checked on Audi site for available updates it came up....... For future reference the update is called......................................................... Pulling away / acceleration characteristics V6 TDi. The tpi is exactly as noted earlier in this thread - 2053287/11 I am very grateful for all your info and to Alex at Chingford Audi for his guidance and to Dundee for their persistence with me breathing down their necks ! My car is now booked in for Friday morning (which is fantastically quick) so I hope that the update is worthwhile ! I’m afraid that a colleague with an identical car and problem is struggling with Perth Audi (Cameron’s) who flatly refused to talk about tpi codes etc though hopefully armed with the above additional information he will get sorted too........ Happy days !! Ps Alex from Chingford Audi even took the trouble to text me to check I was sorted !
  17. Hey just purchased a 2017 A6 Avant on Sunday and loved the drive home, but I’ve noticed some black soot to the left of the turbo just behind that looks to be coming from somewhere on the turbo, has anyone seen this before? Or is it normal? ive got it booked in at Audi on Saturday for a general look over anyway so I’m going to get them to check it out but I’m impatient and want to know if it’s something to worry about now Uploaded some pictures of what I mean Thanks Keal
  18. I’ve updated the maps myself with an SD card about a year ago. Is there an MMI update that can be done with that or do Audi have to do the MMI (or risk somewhere else)?
  19. For sale - £5,500 I am reluctantly selling my Audi TT 1.8 Quattro 225ps 2002 - Phanthom Black, Black Leather (225 bhp engine) as I have a little one arriving and it's time to buy a family car. Car details & pics below. I am based in Essex. Email me if interested; Details; Immaculate condition, well looked after. Only 3 owners since production. 85.2k mileage, full service history (with receipts), recently serviced in 08/2020. Audi 18" RS4 alloys, Xenon headlights with wash system, 4WD, black leather, heated front seats, AWD coupe, phantom black metallic with black leather sports interior and brushed aluminium dashboard trim, sports leather steering wheel, Audi concert RDS radio/CD player, stability and traction control, Audi anti-theft alarm and immobiliser, electric windows, air conditioning and electric climate control, electrically adjusted/heated door mirrors, remote central locking, tool kit, spare wheel, set of 2 keys, all documents and user handbook. Very rare to find one in this condition. See pictures.
  20. Hi I have a 1983 Audi Quattro - trying to find out some history - which particular chassis numbers relate to these early models
  21. Hi everyone! Looking for an Audi A4 B6 Avant Quattro with the 1.9 PD130 engine for sale. Ideally located in Scotland or north of England as I myself am located in north east Scotland. Been keeping an eye out on Gumtree, Ebay, Autotrader and various other online car sale websites for a while now and can't seem to find one up for sale. Lots of saloon quattro B6's but not an Avant which I'm after. If anyone's got one for sale or knows anybody that has got one for sale can you please let me know. My email address is or just post it down below. Thanks a lot!
  22. Thanks for your comment. I DO like my RS4 B8, even more than my Alfa Romeo Guilia Quatrofoglio. The Audi is more planted on the road, whereas the Alfa is skittish like a thouroubred racehorse. Let’s hope that the Audi doesn’t incur many other bills ! cheers.
  23. Hi, I have the same issue. I drive 100 miles a day, every 3rd day or so the coolant will have released through the pressure release valve in the cap of the coolant reservoir. I have replaced this for a new one just in case the valve was weak. Still have the same issue. The heating also is poor. The coolant usually drops whilst driving, I have found this as I get the warning of low coolant level when coming too the end of my commute. I also check after I finish driving and sometimes the level is low at this point too but the warning hasn't popped up yet. Any Ideas of where to look next would be appreciated
  24. Seems exactly my case. My approved used audi q7 plat 65, bought in June 2020 , has brake servo fault and start/stop fault in July (roughly 4 weeks after purchase ). I was hold to wait for 4 weeks to get appointment for repairing, during the first 3 weeks, I drove roughly 300 miles, and then there is red indication saying “brake fault- park safely” instead of the previous two yellow fault. Today I send it to nearest audi dealership, and was told it will cost £3500 to replace brake servo sensor and ABS module as well. The car is in a two years warranty as approved used audi, So hope it is just a show bill and will be fully covered by warranty. I will check it tomorrow morning.
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  26. Thanks Steve - there are so many vacuum pipes and connectors- it’s very hard to diagnose - no engine codes at all and with that pipe slightly closed off the car runs fine 🙄 Paul
  27. Hi, Have sorted the issue? Had exactly same issue on the way home today. Pipe near thermostat was worm. Near bottom of the engine hot. Engine itself felt normaly hot. Collant tank was at a normal level and worm. And for aome reason no high preasure it ahould be when engine is overheating, colant pipes were soft and could be squeezed easily. All above indicate stuck close thermostat which was taken out so to get home. Coolant was topped up and strangly temperature stayed at 90deg for nearly 20miles of driving then fell (finally!) to approx 75 deg and stayed at at this level until home was reached after around 100 miles. I was accelerating slowly and drove mainly on motorways. Water pump seems to be working as idicated by pressure teater. Not sure why there was no preasure in cooling system if engine was overheating, pipes should be stiff and hard to press even at normal operating temperature. Secondly both radiators fans kept running on full speed even if engine temperature as per gauge was 90deg. Will replace the thermostat and fingers crossed it will be ok.
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