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How was your day?

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Awake early then up and over to Retford to the new house. Took the fog and he didn't like it! Right nervous and wouldn't settle. Caz also got the jitters over the chimney and hardly slept. She does worry over stuff she hasn't got control off! Anyhow, set too with the various jobs until lunch. Had a walk into town for some lunch then did another couple of things before going back to Wood Lane.

Chap came to look at chimney and got rid of a load of loose bricks and has agreed that it needs to cone down to solid brick and capped off. He will liaise with the seller and get it done.

At Wood Lane now, curry for tea and a few drinks.

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That's it folks. We went to view a couple of cars but fell for a Disco 4. Done deal and it is outside now. First night in Caz's new spot too! Put up enough curtains etc so stopping here.

I enjoyed writing this blog but this ought to be the last entry as I no longer own an Audi. I might get another but that may well be for a straight liner!

Goodbye all! And best wishes to you all going forward!

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Well Pete, what are you doing to us?  Audi ownership? I don’t own one either, but the good lady does, but.... 

As I recall, I commented early on that I was expecting to hear that you had met yourself on the way back! A really giddy life. 

If indeed you are going to stop posting, then it will be a sad loss to this forum, but I can appreciate that demands on your time are at a premium, so I can understand. 

Difficult to know what to say, but I genuinely wish you and Caz well at this time of change, and I really hope that you might find an odd moment to keep in touch with this forum. 

Meanwhile take care Pete and slow down a bit, but please don’t think about retirement. I’ve been at it since I had a bit of hair, and have come to the conclusion it’s work without pay! - but enjoyable. 

Don’t be away too long Pete. 

Kind regards,


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