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Looking to buy a S8 D4 - questions


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What's the service history on it? Ideally this should be full. Check to see when the Cambelt was changed as it might need changing soon. Also check to see when the gearbox oil was changed. Make sure all electric items work. Also if it's got quattro make sure the tyres are worn evenly. A d ideally same make. Also check YouTube for buyers guides. 

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I was told to make sure that the tyres were the same across each axle and about the same wear. I wanted to replace one on my 2015 S8 and the garage said to change both. The other side didn’t have a massive amount of life left and so I did. Something to do with the tyres having the same radius and not confusing the ABS or something. Don’t quote me on that but there was a reason. 

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