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Inside the dreaded cooler

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Hi finally got round to cutting my old cooler [Low Pressure EGR], the brown crud in the pictures is crystallised Adblue where the cooling tubes had been compromised and the coolant was mixing with it which makes me understand why the tail pipes on the exhaust were turning white as the steam created was converting the Adblue in the exhaust gas back to its native state, crystals and the one thing you don't want is that lot being fed back into the engine, 600 miles+ with the new/other cooler so far so good.





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On 7/2/2022 at 2:37 PM, Steve Q said:

Holy moly! Good job you caught this when you did. 

This is clearly a new concern for all adblue fitted cars. 

Hi only the Audis and Ford rangers as they are the same design, Cr@p, their is an 21 plate Ranger down my mates place with a blown engine due to the cooler blowing and feeding water via the EGR which caused a Hydro lock on two cylinders, bent piston rods, probably, Fords are not interested even though it was sold as Ford approved with 15k on the clock and has now done 18k in six months, thats what aggravates the life out of me when people bang on about approved used dealer cars they Checked nothing.


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Rangers aren't reliable. My mechanic bought one new. It has to have a full new adblue system at 2 weeks old! 

You see I only like to buy approved used if possible. We always had more issues from non approve than approved used cars. 

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