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Wipers shuddering when raining


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12 minutes ago, RoyC said:

Try claybaring your windscreen to get rid of all the crap and diesel fumes.

Also wipe your blades with carb cleaner.

Hi be very careful as the description Cr@p might offend the automatic insult monitor, example I put in a post the opposite of advance and it removed that as being derogatory. Oh what wonderful world we live in where you can't call a spade, a spade.





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Hello Mick,

The windscreen needs a thorough clean. You could try some washing powder sprinkled onto a wet windscreen and rubbing this in gently with a cloth, before hosing it off again. I follow this with a good wiping with meths ( personally I would not use carb.  cleaner since it contains acetone, which will attack the rubber). 
Also wipe the blade edges with meths, and follow this procedure with a good wiping with windscreen washer fluid. 
We take it you are using the correct concentration of washer fluid.

Kind regards,


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