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A3 Saloon Creaking Noise from underneath ??


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4 hours ago, MPTheGadgetMan said:

Hi Guys are there anyone among you getting a creaking noise (sounds like trim noise !!) from underneath - i get a creaking noise upon mounting and departing my driveway which is on a slight incline ?

Hi could be roll bar bushes they might be a bit cruddy the rubber they use is absolute garbage, changing mine soon for Powerflex poly bushes .

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Hello Karl, 

Many thanks for joining and posting the question.

Unfortunately the original poster hasn’t returned to the forum since the day after he posted, so it’s probably best to send him a PM in the hope that he will respond to you directly. 
Your, and of course the OP’s issue is almost impossible to diagnose without inspecting the car.

I think the only practical way forward is to arrange that, and get it thoroughly inspected for anything that appears loose - sometimes a spring broken near the end maybe the cause, but that’s very much a guess. If that inspection fails to identify the cause, then it might be worth spraying all rubber bushes and linkages with some ATF fluid in the hope that that will cure it in a couple of days. 
Perhaps you could let us know how you get on.

Kind regard,


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50 minutes ago, karl smyth said:

Hi, did you have any luck with this, I have exactly the same problem on my A5

Hi Karl,

I’m afraid I have not been able to solve this issue. I’m just living with it - it has passed the MOT so it seems it’s not a major problem, however, it is a major headache. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. All the best. 


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