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Hi people.

2011 1.6 TDI A3 8P
**I had a stage 1 remap and EGR delete done in 2020**

Been having no end of problems with my DPF over the last month or so.

It started about a couple months when my car went into limp mode after the DPF light had been on for a couple days - I got a technician to come out and force regen it to which the light disappeared and all was well until the light came back on a week later (with no fault code showing when scanned - odd).

After driving round at high RPM it still wasn't budging, took it to the garage (went into limp mode on the way there) had the DPF chemically cleaned, engine temp sensor and DPF pressure sensor replaced to no avail as the light still shows and doesn't regenerate. It isn't blocked (yet) and all the parameters for regeneration are being reached but it just isn't doing so.

Rang the place I had my remap done to see if it could be anything to do with the ECU but they said that won't be the case.
I've booked in to have my ECU reverted back to factory settings to see if that will do anything but that won't be for another couple months so I'm trying not to drive it incase it goes into limp mode and causes more damage before then.

I've been advised to have the DPF removed and remapped but I'd rather not unless it's the only option left, could anyone advise any other things I could try before doing this?

Need to sort this out ASAP ideally as I have read continuous blockage/limp mode can damage the car even further.

Any help would be majorly appreciated!

Thanks in advance
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I'm surprised the remapper didn't offer you to have the dpf deleted from the ECU at the same time. Even if the dpf was still in place. I'd say that the remapper is bound to deny that it's anything to do with what they've done. Was the remap ona rolling road? 

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If the DPF is genuinely blocking too soon, rather than there being a faulty sensor, there has to be a reason for it. See these videos by a very knowledgeable qualified engineer. You'll have forgive the heavy satire and "fruity" language in places.




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