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Suspension: Audi A3 Sport 40 TFSI e 204 PS S tronic

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I have arthritis and a hip replacement so am looking for a comfortable PHEV car to drive. I've seen a 6 month old model which I like the look of which I know I need to test drive to get a good feel for it. Does anyone have this model, and if so is the suspension/ride  standard/smooth, or is it a stiff/firm ride? Thanks 

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Hello Mark and welcome,

Sorry but no experience of the particular model you are looking at, but some pointers for consideration:-

‘Sport’ - suggests stiffer suspension aimed at roadholding and not comfort.

Size of wheels and profile of tyres? If you want the most comfortable ride, then you need to find the model with the smallest diameter wheels and the largest profile tyres e.g. 17 inch wheels and around 50 profile tyres. Larger wheels and inherent lower profile tyres will result in a compromised ride quality. 
The additional issue that we all find ourselves running into when choosing a vehicle is the ‘I like the look of…’ and we buy with our eyes. 
With your medical condition, I really think you need to approach the buying process from the same standpoint as you would buying a bed - appearance has to be very much a secondary consideration -  comfort the primary. 
I think some of the above pointers may now have to be your primary consideration. 
Kind regards,


p.s. Check tyre markings looking for XL ( extra load). If any vehicle you look at has these, then that will also stiffen the ride quality. 

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