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  1. Brake fluid should be done every 2 years. If the gearbox is an auto then the oil should be changed every 38k miles. Your car has a timing chain. This picture should help too.
  2. How old is the battery? A failing battery can throw up all sorts of fault codes through electrical gremlins. What are the other issues it's throwing up?
  3. I'd recommend a diagnostic check to see if any fault codes flag up. It could be the lift motor.
  4. Keep us posted 🙂 could be the whole switch panel. The driver's side switches control them all. One way to discover if that unit has failed is to try and put the passenger window down with the passenger side switch. Yea you should be ok to drive it
  5. No probs at all. Sorry I can't help more.
  6. If it's not in the mmi then it might not be fitted. I know various members have used autologics for retrofits and been happy with the results.
  7. I appreciate this is for a newer Audi but the reset process is the same: It could just be the switch that's gone.
  8. Glad you've found the cause. Very useful info for fellow members 🙂
  9. Thanks for that info, worth knowing. I bet it's got better emissions too.
  10. Lol I sure do, however I'm not that committed where I'll work late on a car lol. I still can't believe you had to go to such lengths to make one fit. I'm shocked there wasn't an off the shelf item.
  11. I'd love a set of them but they're rare as hens teeth!
  12. Whilst they can make more money from motorists who use older the cars the longer it'll be around for.
  13. I think a regular Audi problem is the motor corrodes due to water getting in the motor.
  14. That's interesting does that mean yours is a jap import?
  15. I'm the same, still old school. Would like Bluetooth though.
  16. By the way I think 4B1941531C Is the part number. Yours won't have the light adjustment due to the RS6 having self leveling suspension and xenon headlights. Furthermore the older switch version, are a different finish which generally lasts longer.
  17. Definitely done a good job and it's freshened up the interior 🙂
  18. Think there are additives on the market you can add when filling with E10 but really we shouldn't have to do this. It's the government shafting us again.
  19. I think the ones in the first pic look best in my opinion 🙂 I admit choosing wheels is tough! I quite like the VW take 5 wheels.
  20. You're welcome 🙂 The surround should fit as the hole is the same size. I guess it depends on the amount of pins on the connector. The switch itself can be replaced with ones fitted to other vag cars as the switch diameter is the same even with newer vag cars. I appreciate that doesn't help regarding the surround.
  21. Can't say I've seen that before. I'm wondering is it some wiring for a rear mounted dash cam? Who was the previous owner? Was it a business that required it to have additional lights etc if you see what I mean. Can the dealer not trave the wiring?
  22. The headlight switch is a common item to fail or catch fire on the A6 c5. Here's a guide on how to change it by pelican parts. Part number: 4B1941531C Also certain A6 c5 won't have the light adjustment such as the RS6 due to the RS6 having self leveling suspension and xenon headlights. Furthermore the older (pre facelift version, don't have the soft touch finish which generally lasts longer. The last picture shows the difference. Left facelift with soft touch plastic. Right prefacelift cars without soft touch plastic. in addition the height adjuster can fail often due to the plastic link bar breaking. Think it connects to the ARB. If it's in tact, then it's worth checking the levelling motors. They're about 20 quid new. 1. Turn the headlight switch to the off position and push the knob inward (green arrow). Turn the knob clockwise. As you turn it, the switch housing will eject itself from the dashboard. 2. Pull the switch out of the dashboard as shown here. You need to be able to access the electrical connection on the back side. 3. Press the tabs on the rear of the electrical connector (green arrows) and pull the connector off. The new switch is installed in the reverse order of removal. https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Audi_A6_C5/16-ELEC-Headlight_Switch_Replacement/16-ELEC-Headlight_Switch_Replacement.htm
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