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  1. So sorry to hear of your situation. Trading in made sense.
  2. Hey David, there's a guide under the A6 c5 section which might help. https://www.audiownersclub.com/forums/topic/21584-a6-c5-cd-error-fix/
  3. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 your A8 looks stunning! Best version of A8 is the d3 in my opinion
  4. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 sounds like you've had a nice few Audi's 👍
  5. It seems to have gone full circle, in the sense Audi had long Cambelt intervals (8 years in my Audi's case) to then 5 years and now this.
  6. Something like this without the roof tent. I've got a roof rack already similar to the one on the green allroad. Think mine is slightly longer though
  7. If the switch is like my a6 from a similar era you need to turn the headlights on then put the headlight switch out.
  8. Your mpg seems right to be honest.
  9. I know on my era of A6 (2002) the comfort control module part number has to be a 100% match. I'd recommend you speak to a retrofitter such as autologics. They've been used by multiple members for retrofits.
  10. I know it's scary isn't it. I speak from experience being an enthusiast my A6 is over serviced and like to make sure parts are changed. Like you, I stuck to the major/minor principals. I can only assume that the materials use for cambelts etc have improved over time hence the longer intervals?
  11. Don't forget if you enable it and don't have the appropriate stalk and then have an accident your insurance would be void as you've modified the car.
  12. That's my thoughts. Would rather sleep in the car then a tent. Getting mixed views about them on my posts on Facebook. I'm contemplating A side drive away awning for cooking etc.
  13. I'd definitely get the battery checked in that case. If it isn't then the airbag warning could be a loose wire under the passenger seat, oil pressure could just be the sensor/switch
  14. Thanks for the advice 🙂 do you find them comfortable?
  15. You might find there's an adapter that plugs into the bank if the radio.
  16. My wife had one of those Astra's with that engine and on the whole it was reliable. The mokka that came after it wasn't however. Exactly, the only problem with modern cars (within the last 20 years) is the wiring and electrics.
  17. Could be an injector as per the diagnostic check. You could also look at changing the glowplugs and glowplug relay to see if that helps it start quicker. When I had a similar issue on my V6 A6 diesel only 3 of the 6 glowplugs were working.
  18. Has anyone used these inflatable mattresses? My boot is used for the various gear I carry on my road trips hence why a full bed won't work. I have a 2002 Audi a6 estate. Thanks all 🙂
  19. Yea it has been looked after. I'm the second owner, my dad was the first owner and bought the car new. Anything it's needed it's had. I over service it if anything. It's the 2.5tdi. mines not used daily either but still does around 4-6k miles a year on road trips etc.
  20. You could look at a second hand part from eBay.
  21. No probs at all 🙂 Wow that is low. Whereas mines on 344k miles on the original engine and gearbox which have never been rebuilt
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