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  1. Did it say which injector was at fault?
  2. I'm just considering options on future trips which might be more extreme. My current tyres are 205/55/16. I've seen I can get a body lift kit for the A6. I'm wondering if 205/80/16 or 205/70/16 tyres will fit without causing steering or gearbox issues? I appreciate most all terrain tyres are on allroads but just seeing if it's possible in a standard A6 which is a "narrow body" compared to the allroads "wide body". I must add, the allroad standard wheel size are 17". Cheers Steve
  3. Very interesting Steve, you've got me thinking as my c5 has never had a new throttle body in its whole 21 years of life.... Glad you've found the parts cheaper 🙂 does the new one have to be coded? What condition is the egr in?
  4. I'd look on eBay. The hardest but will be to get the old spoiler off as the bonding agent is pretty tough!
  5. There should be a mark that says auto on the light unit to show when it's auto lights
  6. Exactly Steve. My A6 brochure tells me how good it is for the environment! Regardless of our views on emissions and the environment, one thing we can all agree one is that any government in power is a money hungry, living so n so. I just know my Audi is more environmentally friendly than any modern electric milk float. Nothing will change until build carbon for any item is taken into account when considering the environment.
  7. Nice one. Definitely not! Gone are the days when cars were simple!
  8. This is brilliant thanks for sharing this 😊
  9. I'd recommend you keep it if you can. I think you'll regret selling it.
  10. You're welcome. Sorry autologics couldn't help you.
  11. Could be caused by a seized piston in the brake caliper causing the brake pad to be rubbing on the brake disc when brakes aren't applied. Definitely worth getting this checked out.
  12. I'd definitely be making a complaint especially as you've paid for the update.
  13. Glad you got sorted 🙂 glad you had a lucky escape with that leaking fuel line.
  14. Keep us posted on how you get on 🙂
  15. Id recommend a diagnostic check to see if any fault codes flag up. When was the gearbox oil.last changed as this can affect the gearbox changing gears. Yea you could try a software update on the gearbox or needing a new sensor. Worst case scenario it's the module that may have failed.
  16. Hi Andrew please could you give us more information? Power loss could be caused by various reasons such as failing turbos, injectors or maf sensors etc.
  17. Yea it'll need to be coded. You might find you'll need the code for the new unit too.
  18. I'm glad you've narrowed it down. My advice is to remove the scuttle panel completely to gain better access.
  19. Could be a sensor or an issue with the heater control system.
  20. Please keep us posted on how you get on 🙂
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