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Air Suspension HELP PLS!

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I have a 2012 Audi A6/C7 3.0 V6 TFSI with adjustable air suspension which has just been a nightmare. After changing all 4 air bags and the relay, it took just a few months before it dropped again on all four corners. I just want this nightmare to end. I've decided to convert to coils and settled on the ST kit for my car.

The problem is ST doesn't want to sell it to me! My local dealer said the kit is not applicable to units with adjustable dampening/level control. But thats the whole point! I just want to convert to normal springs and never have to worry again. If its just warning lights on the dash coming up after the conversion I can live with that. If theres a way to cancel those errors, I'd really appreciate the instructions.

I'm really looking for is someone who has a 2012-2014 A6 or A7 (C7), S6 or Allroad with the air suspension who has converted to coils. Pls., pls. let me know:

1) If the ST coils will work out. Will they fit without issues or do I need to buy any additional parts? -

2) If you didn't use the ST's? What coilovers did you use?

3) Are the level controls/EDC going to be an issue after the conversion? Or is it just warning lights?

4) How to cancel/code-out the lights?

Praying someone will help end this nightmare. Thank you.

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Hello Toby,

Re. your air suspension issues - Can we take it you have checked the compressor? 

Kind regards,


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Thanks for asking. Yes compressor is working fine. It pumps the 4 corners up but the then after a few hours the right side drops followed by the left a few more hours later. I've already replaced all 4 bags about 1 year ago and the relay. So I'd pretty much rule out that the bags are leaking again. I just don't want to deal with the issues with air suspension anymore.

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